Shanxi fire evacuation battalion rescued 920 people

Shanxi fire evacuation battalion rescued 920 people

  Original title: Shanxi fire evacuation Camp rescue trapped person 920 National Day holiday, Shanxi fire a police dispatched 386 flood-fighting rescue rescue, dispatched 627 fire-fighting vehicles, dispatched 3,801 power, evacuated 920 people. Since October 2, the province has encountered heavy rainfall, heavy rains in the local area, and the rainfall is significantly longer. There is a different degree of danger in the continuous precipitation process, including landslides, surface subsidence, and the masses are surrounded by water.

In the face of sudden danger, Shanxi fire rain rescue "Battle" officially "start".

At the same time, due to the "attack", some trains in our province are out of service, late, many highways travel is limited, and there are many places in low-lying zone, and the mountain landslide is trapped.

In the face of severe situation, Shanxi fire refers to the war and time running, fast response, urgent dispatch, fighting together. On October 4, the large-scale water in the North Ying South Road coal machine community in Xiaodian District, and the 45 fire trucks in Taiyuan fire department referred to in the 45 fire trucks, and the war was safely evacuated. Safety evacuation people; The next car near the Nanyuan Nanyuan Near the bridge was flooded, and there were 3 trapped people on the car, and the fire refron was rescued by the war. On October 5th, the bridge hole near the home of the original home was flooded. One person was trapped in the roof. Zhangzhou fire refers to the war, and the water entered the bridge hole. 16:03 rescued the trapped person; , A woman in Jinzhong City accidentally fell into the air, and Jinzhong fire referred to the war to rescue the head into the sludge.

  On October 6, a bungalow near Nanyao Gas Station in Xiaoyi City was flooded, and the old man in the year was flooded. After the inconvenience, Lu Liang fire referred to the war, and took the shovel near rescue and successfully transferred people; Zuo Fu County A high school student is going to go home by the flood roll, and the Jinzhong fire-fighting is searching for rescue.

  …… In the rainstorm, a "orange figure" is warm, a sentence "hard" is touched.

(Reporter Yan Shuimin).

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The new fraud form called "shared screen" is looking for "prey", please keep this "three not more" principles.

The new fraud form called "shared screen" is looking for "prey", please keep this "three not more" principles.

If there is a stranger asks to share the screen share screen with you, be careful. Recently, a new fraud form named shared screen is looking for prey.

The reporter survey found that such fraud often appear in XX customer service XX merchants, defraud victim trust sharing screen, real-time monitoring of victim SMS verification code, etc., and even deceived.

Once the fraud has a hand, the liar quickly disappears, and the recovery is not difficult.

The bait refund is taken away from 60,000 yuan, and the child is lie to understanding that it is a few months. However, every time I think of the two or three hours, Su Li feels uncomfortable because it can be refunded, she is with self-proclaimed platform After the customer’s person opened the shared screen, I was defrauded for 60,000 yuan. Are you Su Li? We are a certain customer service.

You have bought things online, we have to give you a refund compensation.

When receiving this phone call, Su Li started some hesitation.

But because you have bought this item at the platform, the other party knows your name and address, she quickly put down the vigilance. Subsequently, the customer service asked if Su Li did not query the order.

She opened the software, and the situation is so that the shopping order has been discouraged.

This way, I will let the finance tell you, how do you refund you?

The customer service handed over the phone. Then, the financial requires Su Li to download a software called a billion conference to refund the compensation. Su Li downloads the software and enter the meeting number and password given by the other party, and adds shared video.

Soon, when she logged in to an e-commerce platform, I found that I have been modified by the other party at the account name and address of the platform. And the other party on the screen is constantly opening a network loan on the platform, and then return to the page, continue to open another loan & hellip; & hellip; Since then, the finance also guides her to operate, transfer Alipay and WeChat to a account. For a time, my money in my card was buckled by a pen, and the transfer SMS prompt in the mobile phone continued. In the end, Su Li is in anxiety, uneasiness and helpless, and has been turned from 60,000 yuan.

The reporter retrieves the keyword with the screen shared sharing screen, and finds nearly 50 cases only in the black cat complaint platform. There are nearly 50 cases related to all kinds of shared screen fraud.

And the victim’s fraud, from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. In these fraudulent cases, even a liar is limited to the restriction of the anti-addiction, and successfully scams a 8-year-old minor.

At the end of last month, the 8-year-old primary school student Xiaining borrowed his father’s mobile phone, playing games in the bedroom.

After opening a software named TT voice and enters the game room, some people began to take Xiao Ning, and they will continue to ask if they don’t play games to download a software, I will send you a free skin for free of your skin & hell; When the game account has anti-addiction, the other party means that it can help you unfaith.

So, Xiao Ning listened to the other party, downloaded a book software, and turned on the shared screen function in the upper right corner. Subsequently, the fraud is stepped by step to induce Xiaoning to open WeChat, Alipay and other software, ask the mobile phone verification code and other information, and finally brush 15410 yuan. The means is patient and add intimidation, and the deception is deceived and the past phone video fraud, adding the victim’s WeChat. To implement such new fraud, it is usually implemented by means of a third-party platform with shared screen or sharing screen. These platforms, some of them are software such as XX Conference XX video conferencing X books, and some are not well known, and some software is heard.

Compared to the preparation of the tricing hardware, the routinery and means are more worrying.

In addition to throwing a five-flowers of the excuse and bait to the victim, it is also soft and hard during fraud, and even deceived. Xiaining’s sister said to the reporter that when the younger brother was induced by the other party in the process of being fraudulent, not to be confidently. He is almost close to the door to operate in the house, even hiding in the wardrobe in the home.

Xiao Ning sister said that because the younger brother usually use mobile phone online lessons, the family does not have a vigilance.

Even if Xiaonong has out of the bedroom, but has never been to parents, and there is no sense that he is being shared on the screen fraud.

Frauders are very cautious, will ask the other person’s age, there is someone in the family, and who uses the mobile phone and other information. Xiao Ning sister said that the 8-year-old child does not understand what anti-fraud, the scammer is too mad, and the account we have in a book is also blocked, causing us to submit more evidence to the police now.

It is hoped that the state has attracted attention, avoiding more children to be cheated. And Su Li was fraudulent, and it was even more exciting of fraud.

At that time, there was a big awkward may be deceived, but the other party said that he guaranteed it is definitely a customer service, and it will not be lie, and continue to follow the operation.

Su Li said. Later, when I didn’t want to share the screen, the other party was intimidated that so many loans have been operated. If you don’t continue, you will affect the credit, let you become a black household, directly affect the child enrollment & hellip; & hellip; When you go to these words, Suli is scared for a while, follow the rhythm of the fraud.

Let Su Li angry is that when she is determined to quit, the liar uses the last shudder to deceive her. I don’t want to refund, you will come back to your money. Su Li said to the fraud.

After hearing this, the other party quickly turned to Su Li 10,000 yuan.

Then, it also said that it is necessary to erase the loan traces, completely close the loan, need Su Li to turn back to 20,000.

Because I thought about it, I turned back to a money again, and the result was completely cheated.

Su Li said that in the 60,000 yuan of money he was scam, three transfers were transferred from an e-commerce platform. The rest of the money is to induce each other from the mobile banking.

The back card or the illegal, you can immediately disappear, what is the sharing screen scam? Why is it cheated a very high? Jiangsu Suqian network police have done an experiment, when the two mobile phone opens the screen function, No. 1 Each step on your mobile phone can be clearly reflected in the 2nd phone.

That is, as long as it is in a platform, a software is opened with the other party, you can see anything on your mobile phone. Including input of various types of passwords, mobile phone unlocking, opening each software. In an interview, the reporter won three shared screen scams, and then dial the test and found that all numbers were not accessible. Among them, some fraudulent phone voice prompts have been shut down, and some will be temporarily unable to turn.

The same is true even if you have repeatedly dialed the fraudulent phone number in many days. As long as you succeed, the phone will soon be black. When we go to the case, the police said that these phone numbers are likely to buy or get through illegal channels, and they are not true my call.

Xiao Ning sister told reporters that when the case was made this month, the police had basically confirmed that the part of the scammer is not a person.

The collection of more than 10,000 yuan is made in several mobile phone numbers.

It is said that the liar of these numbers is generally in overseas activities.

They usually have a shot of a shot, and the phone number is replaced very hard. Remember, if a stranger needs you to download a software, or open a link, you will not be able to operate. Not long ago, I was just being shared by the shared screen scam to find the door but successfully evaded. I have a similar scam. It is not necessary to say that it is half. He called for everyone, even downloaded a software in the middle of the trick, don’t click on the screen sharing function, do not feedback any verification code to each other.

I didn’t have anything on the same day, and it was more than an hour with the liar. I was delayed for an hour, and I may saved a victim. The reporter interview learned that the current shared screen feature is usually used by fraudulents is such as pretending to public inspection, loan fraud, customer service refund fraud, cancellation of campus loan tricks, killing pig dishes and other fraud.

And this year, the authentication official account Beijing anti-fraud once said, sharing the screen scam, the account used by fraudulent molecules is almost all accounts, although the account account and account are clear, but it is impossible to establish it with its own association, so the police It is difficult to find who is behind the scenes from these accounts. This is why the current implementation of the fault operation in the country, severely hits the rectification of illegal efforts to start the phone card and bank card illegal crimes.

For all kinds of different types and face fraud activities, the police have summed up the guards of the Tips, and remind everyone that in remembering three different principles in daily life, the unknown link does not click, strange calls are not trustworthy, personal information is not It is disclosed that the transfer remittance is mostly verified.

(Original title: Survey | Your wallet has been shared! Secret sharing screen scam) (Reporter Li Songlin Songxi).

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Vanaf het administratie "YouLeMei" handelsmerk, gezien de beroemde handelsmerkkwesties van anderen

Vanaf het administratie "YouLeMei" handelsmerk, gezien de beroemde handelsmerkkwesties van anderen

Oorspronkelijke titel: van het administratie "YouLeMei" handelsmerk, keek hij naar het bekende handelsmerk van anderen. Registratie nr. 17162453 "YOULEME YOULLEMEI" handelsmerk (onder het handelsmerk van de compeluatie).

In de voorlopige examenfase van het handelsmerk maakte de derde persoon Guangdong Xicheng Group Co., Ltd. (bekend als Xi Lang Company) een bezwaar. Na beoordeling erkent het Office Office Office Intellectual Property dat Xi Lang’s No. 6091459, "You Lemei" -handelsmerk (genoemd als het gecertificeerde handelsmerk) een bekend handelsmerk vormt, en de aanvraag voor het handelsmerk van het handelsmerk wordt geschonden. De bepalingen van Artikel 13, lid 3 van de handelsmerk van mijn land, besloot om de aanvraag van WU niet voor handelsmerken te registreren.

  De eiser Wu heeft het besluit niet aanvaard en diende een rechtszaak aan aan de Intellectual Property Court Beijing.

Beijing Intellectual Property Court is geprobeerd om de claim van de eiser te verwerpen.

Het arrest heeft nu van kracht genomen. [Juridische analyse] Artikel 13, artikel 3, van mijn land, bepaalt dat het handelsmerk van verschillende of niet-vergelijkbare producten gerepliceerd, imitatie of vertaling, het beroemde handelsmerk, dat is geregistreerd in China, misleidt het publiek, waardoor het publiek is -Known handelsmerk als de voordelen van de registrant kunnen worden beschadigd, wordt het niet geregistreerd en gebruikt. In het geval van "YouLeMei" kan volgens de zaakbewijzen worden bewezen dat de derde persoon in de vervolging van handelsmerkentoepassingen zijn gecertificeerde handelsmerken in het land en in de melkthee (niet-melk de meester) is voortgezet en gebruikt heeft een hoge zichtbaarheid bereikt. Bovendien werd het gecertificeerde handelsmerk ge?dentificeerd als een bekend handelsmerk in november 2011 in november 2011. Daarom heeft het Hof bepaald dat het gecertificeerde handelsmerk werd bereikt in de naam van het beroemde handelsmerk om de registratiedag aan te vragen, die een bekend handelsmerk vormt. Het geval van de vervolging van het handelsmerk van "Youle Melemei", dat hetzelfde is als de Chinese tekst van het gecertificeerde handelsmerk "You Lemei". Het lijkt erg op het algemene uiterlijk, visueel effect, enz., In artikel 13, Paragraaf 3, van de wetgeving inzake handelsmerk van mijn land. Kopi?ren, imiteren.

  Hoewel het beurshandelsmerk in de f?hn wordt gespecificeerd in de haardroger, de keuken opgeheven kap, waterverwarmingsmachine en andere goederen, is er een verschil in goederen zoals melkthee (niet-melk), die wordt gebruikt door de Gecertificeerd handelsmerk, maar de twee de relevante openbare revalidatie is hoog, gezien het feit dat het gecertificeerde handelsmerk een hogere zichtbaarheid heeft in het product van melkthee (niet-melk), het relevante publiek om de goederen te gebruiken, moet zich bewust zijn van het bestaan ??van het handelsmerk van de goederen. Samenvatten erkent het Hof de aanvraag voor het handelsmerk van het bevoegde handelsmerk in strijd is met de bepalingen van artikel 13, lid 3 van handelsmerkwet. (Wu Yuman) (Dit artikel vertegenwoordigt alleen het persoonlijke standpunt van de auteur) (Editor: Lin Lu, Li Wei) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

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Sukiong Lion Basketball Club Garde Down Name Ceremony was held in Yannan High-tech Zone

Sukiong Lion Basketball Club Garde Down Name Ceremony was held in Yannan High-tech Zone

Modern Express News (Correspondent Chen Heqin Journalist Jiang Zhenjun) Golden Autumn is cool, fruitful. On October 21st, the Suskiong Lion Basketball Club National Men’s Basketball League (2021-2025 season) Grungy National Name Ceremony Press Conference was held in Yancheng Sannan High-tech Zone. The Modern Express reporter learned that Suzhou Bank and Suko Xiong Club strongly jointly strengthens the development process of Yannan sports, adding new vitality to Yannan sports. In May this year, the Sushu Lion Basketball Club is home to Yannan, providing a practical and important support for the sports cause of Yannan. Suzhou Bank is the only legal city firm in Suzhou, has implemented "deep cultivating Suzhou, facing Jiangsu, integrating into the Yangtze River Triangle", in the long running area.

It is reported that Suzhou Bank Yancheng Branch was established on March 3, 2021, settled in the Salt District Financial Square, which is focused on building "the best bank in Northern China".

At present, there are 3 network outlets of Branch, Dongtai Branch, Dafeng Branch, sustained coding in people’s livelihood, Puhui finance, green finance, etc., which has made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Yancheng, which has become a city commercial bank in Yancheng. A brilliant star.

Suzhou Bank Co., Ltd. Yancheng Branch, deputy director Xiangyang, said that as a professional team of NBL National Men’s Basketball League, Sukiong Lion Basketball Club settled in Yannan, not only filled the gap in Yancheng professional basketball, but also becomes promoted Yancheng An Important Measures for the Strong Sports and Sports Industry High Quality Development. In the guest and leaders, Yang Jianqing, General Manager of Suko Construction Workers, and Yang Jianqing, Supervision of Suzhou Bank Co., Ltd., Director, Director, Salt City Sports Bureau, delivered a speech. Subsequently, Xue Feng and Suzhou Bank Co., Ltd. Yancheng Branch, Xue Feng and the Suskawa Construction Group General Manager Wang Zhuchuan signed a cooperation agreement; Su Kewei basketball club player debut, Tang Dongqing is the main coach, Xue Feng is Captain gave the entity jersey and showed it together.

At the end of the event, the Minister of China Basketball Association, Ye Qinghui, delivered a warm speech.

In recent years, Yannan High-tech Zone optimizes policy measures, innovates consumer scene, and accelerates the construction of sports industry clusters, and the rapid development of sports, Yan Nan High-tech Zone has successfully selected the only first provincial culture and tourism consumption pilot area of ??Yancheng, first The provincial sports consumption pilot area has become the youngest, most dynamic and creative sector of Yancheng.

"The introduction of the Suskionion Club home, the introduction of the top basketball event will have a more far-reaching impact on Yannan to improve regional energy levels and core competitiveness.

Today, Suzhou Bank and Suko Xiong Basketball Club are strongly united. I believe that the efforts of the two sides will have a new step, and write a new way.

"The relevant person in charge of Yannan High-tech Zone said.

related suggestion.

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Tianjin Beichen District Innovation Method Lets Party History Learning and Education

Tianjin Beichen District Innovation Method Lets Party History Learning and Education

The Xi’an Town Lu Xinhe Primary School launched the "same red vessel heart and circle China Dream" creative production activities. Correspondent Sun Yi Beichen District adheres to innovation methods, continuously enriching the learning carrier, expanding the content of learning, actively building an integrity, entertaining, entertaining red classroom, and building a multi-platform, talking about red stories, and expands more The way to inherit the red spirit, let the party history learn education to ground the ground, hot gas, let the party history into the mind into the heart. It is a very deep influence on the party in the living room in the memory. "My mother is very deep in 193 years, my mother has a deep impact on me. I hope to become a brave and strong communist party member like my mother." 76 years old Ma Zhaizhen’s grandmother said that his eyes did not humid. This is a scene of the "New Village Red" in the street in the garden, the old man, and the old man talks about everyone infected with each person infected. In order to create a strong atmosphere celebrating the party’s 100-year-old, the new village street of the orchard carried out the "Bai Zhang Ying Ying Centennial" activity in the "Red" session, the old party member and the grassroots excellent typical character representatives recorded the "heart" that I want to tell the party in front of the party. To display the whole street, the "personal image" is gathered into a warm-hearted "group", showing the comrades of the majority of party members of the first street, one heart to the high-spirited spiritual temperament.

It is expected that a total of 100 old party members and the grassroots excellent typical characters represent the "red" living room, telling the red story, recalling the years.

The big hand and small hand learning party history, "From the three party members grandparents’ revolutionary story, I deeply felt the glorious tradition and good style of the Communist Party. As a young pioneer, the red seed rooted, from the small party, and the party Well, go with the party, and try to master the scientific and cultural knowledge, grow up to become the qualified builders and successors of the motherland! "The young pioneers said emotions.

A few days ago, Qing (Guang) Yuanjie organized the "big hand-pulled small hand inherited red gene" theme activity, the street domain of 3 Party age 50 years old party members and young party members, community members and young pioneers represent a "belief dialogue".

This event is the vivid practice of "party construction team construction, team building", telling the sharing experience and feelings of the old party members in combination with their own revolution, work and learning experience, letting youth party members, common young group members, young pioneers are being baptized in red educational baptism, Further inherit the red gene, and the revolutionary blood is continued. "You take me to shoot one, the whole party will celebrate the seven; you shoot two, I shoot two, laughter, laughter, you shouted; you should shoot three, always talk to the party …" in Jixian Luji Lin Li Community New Times Civilization Practice Station, the old party member Zhao Delin is leading the children to recite the nursery rhymes of his creation "Song".

Zhao Delin’s old man’s innovation form, putting the party’s history, the development of the motherland and the love creation of the motherland into the nursery rhymes of Lang Lang, combined with the children’s painting, making a nursery rhyme painting small album, using a young child to help children We establish a value concept of love party, patriotism, love socialism, and engrave the party’s spirit in the hearts of children.

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Shaanxi Yu: Explore the "four three" mechanisms to establish an open fusion system

Shaanxi Yu: Explore the "four three" mechanisms to establish an open fusion system

In recent years, with the in-depth development of urbanization, the construction and social governance of urban areas face new situations and new issues.

Active to respond to changes and challenges, explore the establishment of the "four three" mechanisms of the city grassroots party, without increasing the personnel, the funds are not added, relying on party construction leads the grassroots community governance innovation, effectively resolve new problems, adapting to new situations.

First, when the background is introduced, the rural areas transition to urban areas, and farmers have transformed towards the public. The community population has grown rapidly, and personnel flow become normal. There are 6 urban communities, 43,252 people in the jurisdiction, 518 party members, including 84 foreign party members, and surrounded by 218 people.

The six communities have 9 full-time staff, and 1 college village official in the community. Due to the lack of manpower, the shortage of service resources, the community is working in order to be the civil test and the gangster, the administration tendency is more obvious, and the two basic functions of the study of the grassroots party organization education management are not from the heart. This has formed contradiction with the growing service needs of community masses. Since 2015, 岚 皋 焦 焦 城 城 化 化 难 难 题 社 社 难 彻 彻 彻 彻 彻 彻 系统 彻 系统 系统 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 能 体 体 体 体 系 能 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 系 系 体 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系The "four three" mechanisms of the city grassroots party, which strongly aggregates the construction of all parties to form the new path of party building leading the management of urban community governance.

Second, main practices (1) Given the community three privileges and enhance coordinated linkage. Given the community recommendation in public construction in the urban public construction, where all work such as public construction planning, urban management rules, residential welfare policies, etc., have set up special links to listen to the community party branch.

Given the community supervisory power, the county committee effectiveness supervision and the discipline inspection and supervision department have been given to the community survey, listening to the performance of various functional departments, the survey results are hooks with the annual assessment. Given the community authentication rights in the construction of cadres, the introduction of the "Organization’s Office of the Organization of the Organization" (Trial) " Tree model, when the exchange is retrovated, it will consult the community to restrict the rules of discipline, adhere to 6 aspects such as honesty and self-discipline and the privacy of public order, and have a problem with the relationship between the problems, informatting criticism, and cancel the examination. Wait corresponding processing.

At the same time, the part-time member system of the Community Party Branch will further enhance the penetration of community work.

(2) Establish a three-level combo system to drive up and down.

Explore the formation of a three-level joint meeting system. Relying on the joint meeting of the Grand Party Construction Work Leading Group in the county, urban grassroots party construction as a fixed issue, regular research planning. The new establishment of the joint meeting of the county city grassroots party construction work, the head of the county party committee, the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, and the deputy head of the county party committee, the deputy head of the party committee of Chengguan Town, member of the head of the county, the heads of the county, the head of the party (Work) committee, each quarter Convening a special meeting arrangement deployment.

Establishing a community city grassroots party building work joint meeting, work or residual county party committee members of the community, member of the team members of the city of Chengguan Town Community, member of the community, secretary of the Community Party branch, member of the ministerial community, resident The head of the party organization of the community organs, member of the community branch, part of the joint office, held a meeting every 2 months, and concentrated on promoting counsel. (3) Implement three categories of co-construction actions to strengthen system propulsion.

With the social units to the community, the organs of the community are registered in the community, and the community is responsible for the way. All party members in the community are based on their own advantages, and they will be in the mesh. Service position, to the masses, the cultural and sports community, carry out three types of activities such as "Grid + Party Group" service, party membership volunteer service, and mass cultural and sports community services.

124 community party members, 86 organs of the party members claim the netger long, the party group leader, served as the street leader, the dean of the building; the 84 organs of the party members, the part-time "policy explanatory staff, contradictory mediator, double-child inspector" and other public welfare Post; 65 parties members of the organization based on cultural literary expertise, lead 37 cultural and sports communities. This year, 239 residential units claim 541 projects, 1257 party members to the community volunteer service more than 4,000 times, 6 urban communities respectively held a total of "Seven" total resident activities, and Xihu Community Innovation launched residents "Moral Bank". (4) Improve the three sets of sharing systems, lengthen the resource short board.

To share the party building resources as the traction, establish three aspects of the community and the community organ unit sharing service information, service resources and joint construction results. Relying on "Wisdom", "" and other big data platforms, the community organ unit combined with government affairs, open non-confidentiality government information to the community, and the community actively develops the people’s opinion, the employment market, the convenience information release, etc. Internet platforms and tools, open accessories between government affairs information and emotional information.

The unit adjustment of the unit adjustment of the party building, cultural and educational, sports facilities, introduces specific measures, planned, orderly open. At the end of the community, participated in the construction of the community organs to build a scientific class; the community party construction year assessment results were divided into the community organ units. In the past three years, 104 institutions in urban areas have maintained more than 500 square meters to the community, and nearly 10,000 square meters of sports venues, providing 43 computers, 140 sets of office and chairs, 81 non-public enterprises and social organizations help zero Family solves 382 jobs.

Third, achieved results (1) The party building system is smoother.

All kinds of organizations originally affiliated, different, different levels, with party organizations are compatible with links, and all party construction efforts are effectively integrated, and the harmonious homes have become a matter of everyone. (2) harmonious construction is more solid. All kinds of organizations at all levels in the community are involved in the construction of responsibility, channels, objectives, content, and party members’ advantages and expertise have been better, and the quality of construction work has improved. (3) Resource sharing deeper. The party building resources in the community have been utilized, and the short board of urban community party construction is effectively reinforced, and the basic guarantee level of the entire city is significantly improved.

Fourth, the revelation (1) Giving play to the party’s organization advantage is fundamental. The number of urban population is large, has a wide source, more demand, and various types of organizational forms, nature.

Strengthening community social governance in the context of urbanization, we must give full play to the party’s organizational advantages, and take the initiative to make all kinds of organizations, closely linked to the masses, and lead the community governance innovation.

(2) Working method using party construction work is key.

Carry out the construction of the Urban Party Construction and Construction, and the Party’s Work Thoughts and Methods, Plays the Fighting Fortress and Party Affairs Model Effect, by implementing organizational life, sharing party building resources, etc., putting the strength of all aspects is justified, powerful aggregation stand up.

(3) Practice the purpose of the party’s service is The final purpose of strengthening the city’s party building is to lead the community governance innovation and solve the problem of community governance in urbanization. By solving the problem, the party’s strength, the party’s advantages, and further consolidate the party in the city.

(Editor: Huang Wei, Yan Yan).

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Taiyuan Zoo must make an appointment to enter the park

Taiyuan Zoo must make an appointment to enter the park

  Original title: Monday to Friday, the first door for the first door, Taiyuan Zoo must make an appointment to enter the park on September 26th, Taiyuan Zoo publishing announcements, restored from September 28, opening time is 8:00 to 18 every day. The first ticket price is 10 yuan / person / time. Monday to Friday working day, the first door is implemented for the first door-free appointment system, Sunday and the legal holiday normal ticket sales. According to the prevention and control requirements of the epidemic, visitors must conduct real-name registration logins through the "Tour Shanxi" App, WeChat applet "swim" or scenic entrance scan code three channels, and make an appointment, and enter the park within the specified time period, expire Void.

The appointment is full, close the ticket passage, and cannot enter the park.

"Tour Shanxi" APP and applets officially opened the Taiyuan Zoo to make an appointment channel at 8:30 am on September 27.

  On Monday to Friday, the first door is implemented for the first door-free appointment system. During the free period, you need to show your ID card, health code, and Jin.

On Sundays and the legal holidays, the ticket, health code, and book ticket purchase code (free people need to show relevant documents).

The first ticket price is 10 yuan / person / time.

  Taiyuan Zoo reminded that in order not to affect the travel, please make an appointment online. WeChat Search Follow "Taiyuan Zoo" official micro-signal, chat box to reply to keyword "reservation", or pay attention to the "Taiyuan Zoo" official shake number, you can get the ticket reservation process details. (Sun Dajia).

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Toen de oosterse rechtbank is gemengd, zal het voetstuk, de wind, de wind, de golven, soms de wolken hangen, de Yunfei, het ministerie van de luchtwegen – Xi’an Jiaotong University

Toen de oosterse rechtbank is gemengd, zal het voetstuk, de wind, de wind, de golven, soms de wolken hangen, de Yunfei, het ministerie van de luchtwegen – Xi’an Jiaotong University

[Abstract] Li Manxiang, het ministerie van Respiratoire en Crisis Medical Science, en plaatsvervangend directeur van Li Yang, Afdeling Ademhalingsgeneeskunde, Afdeling Ademhalings Intern Medicine, China Kom, hebben een aantal geavanceerde medische technologie gelanceerd en biedt een hoog niveau van Medische technologie en handige medische omgeving voor mensen in de noordelijke regio.

  In het Oost-Ziekenhuisdistrict heeft het ademhalingsteam de integratie van de twee ziekenhuizen krachtig gepromoot, gevolgd door het tempo van integratieontwikkeling, snelle verbetering van medisch technologie-niveau, het ministerie van ademhalings- en crisis Medical Sciences Li Manxiang, directeur LI YU, Deputy Director van Li Yang, is gestationeerd in het Oost-ziekenhuiswijk ademhalingscentrum om medisch werk uit te voeren, de inwoners van de Sino-Demo-Breather in het East Hospital District leiden het medisch personeel om de bouw van de afdeling, twee maanden actief te promoten, Heb een aantal geavanceerde medische technologie gelanceerd en biedt een hoog niveau van medische technologie voor de mensen in de noordelijke regio. en handige medische omgeving.

  1, bronchoscopie, argon plasma coagulatiechirurgie argon plasma coagulatie wordt genoemd als "argon mes", is een gemeenschappelijk middel voor het introduceren van bronchoscopie, die snel de Steenose van de luchtweg kan verwijderen die wordt veroorzaakt door een kwaadaardige kwaadaardige laesies. Wanneer de pati?nt moeilijk is. Wanneer de pati?nt moeilijk is Om te ademen, kan het gebruik van argonmes snel de luchtweg openen, de symptomen van adem te verlichten en snel de kwaliteit van leven verbeteren.

Bronchoscopische argonmesbehandeling Begin september ontving de ademhalings in de geneeskunde een pati?nt, pati?nten met duidelijke borstkust, kortademigheid, borst CT zichtbare linker longmassa, nieuwe wezens in de linkerblauwe bladbonchi, klinische diagnose "linker longkanker", dringend Moet het probleem van kortademigheid op te lossen, en het is noodzakelijk om pathologische diagnose te verduidelijken en het volgende behandelingsplan te ontwikkelen.

Li Yang Deputy Chief Physician heeft besloten de behandeling van Argon Mes-behandeling voor pati?nten, en Li Manxiang, de afdeling, sterk ondersteund en Argon Mes-apparatuur naar de bronchiale kamer van het Oost-ziekenhuisgebied, en stuurde Bronchoscopy Room Wang Li Technician Underground Treature, Onder de sterke samenwerking en steun van de afdeling Anesthesiologie van het East Hospital, implementeerde ik de eerste algemene hennepbronchoscoopbiopsie en spiegel Argon Mes-behandeling in het Oost-ziekenhuis. De chirurgische procedure is erg soepel. Na een goed bewustzijn zijn de korte symptomen uiteraard Gereduceerd, wordt de ademhalingsfunctie gerestaureerd en het medische personeel van de dokter heeft duimen omhoog. 2, ultrasone bronchoscopie-techniek Sommige laesies die zich buiten het bronchiale lumen en enkele van de pulmonale deuren bevinden, zijn de neutrale laesies de "blinde zone" van conventionele vezelbonchoscopie, omdat de bronchoscoop alleen diep in het bronchiografische oppervlak kan gaan. Echter, de laesie De bronchiale is vaak niet in staat om de eigenschappen van de laesie en de specifieke positie te bepalen. Wanneer de laesie grenst aan het bloedvat, vereist biopsie vaak ultrasone bronchoscopie.

Deze ultrasone bronchoscoop monteert feitelijk een ultrasone sonde voor de bronchoscoop, met behulp van het imagingprincipe van de ultrasone, en veeleisende de schepen rond de laesies en laesies; op dit moment wordt ultrasone bronchoscopie op grote schaal gebruikt in longtumorbiopsie, lymfestische biopsie, enz.

  Met de ge?ntegreerde Dongfeng in de twee ziekenhuizen, heeft de luchtwegen in het Oost-ziekenhuis achtereenvolgens de ultrasone bronchoscopie-technologie uitgevoerd. Door de ultrasone sonde van de bronchoscoop, is de laesie, de rivaliserende gasleidingwandpunctie en de biopsie-site aangepast en Het exemplaar is duidelijke en pathologische diagnose.

  3, LUNGPRO Virtual Navigation Bronchoscope Technology Lung-Pro Verbeterde realistische navigatie is het long 3D-model voor het reconstrueren van de pati?nt volgens de CT-gegevensaanpassing van de pati?nt. Na het taggen van de laesie, genereert u automatisch het pad naar de laesie, de geleider Bronchoscopie snel, nauwkeurig het laesiepunt bereikt, op grote schaal gebruikt in de bemonsteringsbiopsie van longknobbels en lymfeklieren en minimaal invasieve interventionele behandeling zoals ablatie.

  In oktober in oktober heeft het Oost-ziekenhuis 1 pati?nt, 54-jarig mannetje ontvangen, vanwege "intermitterende hoest, hoest, gas voor 2 jaar, verergerde 4 dagen", en verergerde 4 dagen. Na opname, controleer de kist CT-prompt links longknobbels en de rij verbeterde scan suggereert dat de perifere longkanker groot is, de laesie bevindt zich in de linkerlongen, en conventionele bronchoscopie kan de laes niet bereiken, en het materiaal is moeilijk. Na het detail van de pati?nt in detail, wordt aanbevolen dat de lijn Lungpro Virtual Navigation Bronchoscoop van de pati?nt naar het ziekenhuis wordt gestuurd om de gravure naar het ziekenhuis te sturen en het virtuele navigatiesysteem te gebruiken om de bronchiale boom reconstructie en doelwit laesies te reconstrueren. Pad .

Na de algemene hennep wordt de virtuele navigatie-hulpbronchoscoop gecontroleerd en de LB1 + 2-bronchiale reizen, het materiaal is bevredigend en de slijtage van de pati?nt is stabiel, de vitale borden zijn stabiel, geen pijn op de borst, hemoptysis, enz. Elk ongemak.

Na het pathologische rendement werd de pathologische diagnose van deze pati?nt voltooid en werd de pathologische diagnose voltooid in het geval van pathologische kanker, snel en effici?nt voltooide de pathologische diagnose van deze pati?nt.

  Sinds de convergentie heeft het Easy Hospital een ultrasone bronchoscopie (EBUS) gelanceerd, Bronchoscopy Argon Mes-behandeling, chemotherapie gecombineerd met immunotherapie en lungpro virtuele navigatie bronchoscopie, de longknobbelbiopsie wordt geleid en het is gevuld Noordelijke regionale technologie leeg.

Oost-ziekenhuis Ademhalingsinterne geneeskunde is een belangrijk onderdeel van de ademhalingsgeneeskunde in het ziekenhuis. In het latere medische werk zal de ademhaling interne geneeskunde in het ziekenhuis in het Midden-Oosters ook vertrouwen op de krachtige kracht van het ministerie van interne geneeskunde in de afdeling, en Draai de ontwikkelingsrichting van de discipline door het oorspronkelijke basistype. De ziekte, en laat het algemene ziekenhuis ook meer nieuwe zaken uitvoeren, nieuwe technologie?n in het Oost-ziekenhuis, zodat meer mensen de voordelen van kwaliteitsmatige medische hulpbronnen van kwaliteit zullen voelen Het aangesloten ziekenhuis na de twee ziekenhuizen, het Oost-Hospital Ademing Internal Medicine moet ook deze gelegenheid van deze ontwikkeling grijpen en zo snel mogelijk integratie met het ziekenhuis bereiken! .

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Resources: Party Construction leads the passion fruit into "rural vitality fruit"

Resources: Party Construction leads the passion fruit into "rural vitality fruit"

Into the Huiyu Village, Yaoxiang Monkey, the resource county, and a row of rows of brackets, one seductive hundred fruit hanging on the vines, fruit fragrance, which is mouth watering.

The fruit farmers are carefully picked with mature fruits, and the joy of harvest is overflow.At the time of the ripening of the ripening of the ripening, the more than 250 acres of hundreds of fragrance planted in monkeys, the sweet fruit became "rural villages", boosting farmers’ income and get rich.

In recent years, the philosoproscopic party branch has firmly established "Focusing on the Revitalization of Party Building, Being Welling Well-Party Building and Promoting, Testing Party to Looking for Revitalization", and gives full play to the "Party Branch + Cooperative + Farmers" Operation Mode, give full play to party member pioneering models,A group of party members developed into a hundred full of fruit to grow rich.Today, there are two hundred-passion fruit planting bases have been built, and 65 villagers of 12 villagers join the row of paragraphs.

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Siping became the first national social credit system construction demonstration area in the province

Siping became the first national social credit system construction demonstration area in the province

  On October 29th, the National Development and Reform Commission and the People’s Bank of China officially announced the list of third batch of social credit system construction demonstration zones, and 34 regions in the country were rated as the third batch of social credit system construction demonstration zones, and there were famous in the city list. The first region of our province is awarded this award. "National Social Credit System Construction Demonstration Zone is the highest honor in the construction of national credit system.

The successful creation of this time will become a four-flat optimization business environment, stimulate urban development vitality and further enhancement of the booster to improve the credibility of government credits, will also vigorously enhance urban reputation, and the people’s sense, happiness and satisfaction, become Four flat gold signboard. "The relevant person in charge of the municipal number bureau said.

  This "national word" signboard, "containing gold" is high.

Related data showed that as of now, in the 261 levels of national credit monitoring, a total of 40 levels of national social credit system construction demonstration zone, accounting for only%.

After two and a half years of effort, Siping ranked 172th in early 2019 from the beginning of 2019 to the 17th place in the beginning of 2019. The NPC San Ping City promulgated the "Siuping Social Credit Ordinance", which became the local regulations specializing in the construction of the Social Credit System in Jilin Province; formulating the "Siping City Social Credit System Construction" 14th "Planning", clarifying the development of credit construction Long-term goal; credit platform and website construction is more complete, fully realize credit information data collection, publicity and application; strengthen government integrity construction, establish civil servant’s integrity archives system, to achieve 10,000 civil servants and members of the city and reward You must implement the file credit records to implement; Comprehensively carry out the credit-based classification supervision, 33 departments or industries implementation with "Double Random One Public" as a means, based on credit supervision, and complement "Internet + supervision" and key supervision as complementary supervision Market supervision is more efficient. The credit application is continuously expanded, "believe in" "Xinyan loan" "letter", "letter", "credit" reform, "unreasonable general academic acceptance" as the core "letter" experience Broadcasted by the State Council.

Establishing a special risk compensation fund for "Xinyan loan", solving the difficulty, expensive problem of SMEs, four flat becoming the total amount of loans in Jilin Province and the northeast China "Xinyan Loan" platform to account for the highest urban GDP proportion, driving effect The best area; promote the construction of red credit rural construction, explore party building leading the credit rural, financial services rural, credit and help rural construction, build a new model of revitalization; carry out the integrity of the Wanli, open up the Renxing Pedestrian Street Credit Visual Demonstration Street, Huayu 3 credit demonstration streets such as integrity demonstration communities and 2 demonstration communities construction; carry out the top ten integrity enterprises and Top Top Ten Integrity Citizens, and create a honest and trustworthy social atmosphere.

  People stand by believe, the city is in trust. In recent years, the Siping Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government attaches great importance to the construction of the social credit system, with the theme of "the heroism, the credit", the blessings of the people ", and in-depth promotion of government affairs, commerce, society, the judicial field, and explores the construction of high standards. High-level social credit system, the construction of social credit system as deepening "venting service" reform, optimize business environment, promoting high-quality development of economic and social, adheres to strong foundation, supplementing short board, re-application, and let new era Integrity integrates into urban blood, boosts four flat comprehensive revitalization.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Shille.

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