[Evaluation Line] Changbai Time Comment: "Good Comments" must make good use of "consensus" to attract "resonance"

[Evaluation Line] Changbai Time Comment: "Good Comments" must make good use of "consensus" to attract "resonance"

  Promoting the main theme of the times and the positive energy of the network, online comments have unique value and role.

In the past few days, the 2022 "Praise China" Network Review Competition, which is underway, has attracted widespread attention. The praise of the competition has also spawned many "good reviews" works. The reason why it is well received is the theme of the contest "New Era, New Journey, New Youth", which responds to the concerns of netizens, especially young people, and observe the era of booming China and Xinxin. People sing the main theme of the times and spread the positive energy of the network, and even condense the majestic power of solidarity.

This also reveals that we must make good use of "consensus" to lead "resonance".

  Constract "consensus" with valuable topics.

Online comment is a direct and tangible opinion based on the real journal. It is a review article published through the online media.

Today, the content of the network news is highly homogeneous, spread fragmented, and the hot controversy is hot. What topic to choose online comments is directly related to propaganda orientation and network space ecology, which will affect people’s thoughts and behaviors. For example, why did Shanghai Promoting Focus on Promoting Fortune and Fortune Starting from May 16th? It is because the Party Central Committee adheres to the "dynamic clearing zero" general policy, and once again proves that the "dynamic clearing zero" is in line with my country’s national conditions, the most economical and most effective solution can be done. The strong counterattack with the surge in the number of deaths, in -depth discussions and comments on this topic will help more firmly adhere to the confidence of the general polls of the "dynamic clearing zero" to do a good job of preventing and controlling the normalization epidemic. For another example, the topic of the Yunnan elephant "all the way north" caused the attention of media comments. This time the "elephant migration" made people re -understand the survival of wild Asian elephants as a national national key protection wildlife, and China In order to protect the efforts of Asian elephants, let the world understand the changes in China through animal protection, and improve China’s international status in environmental protection. It can be seen that online comments should be "the big of the country", focusing on "the people of the people", and choosing those who reflect the changes of the times and the progress of China, related to innovation and development, people’s happiness, highlighting national spirit, civilized progress and other valuable topics. Adapt to the need to strengthen the construction of network content, use high -quality "ideological products" to consolidate "consensus", win the resonance of netizens, and truly play the role of "good comment" value guidance, spiritual leadership, and aesthetic inspiration. Condense "consensus" with ideological communication.

Online comment is the soul and heavy weapon of the media, the specific carrier of ideological orientation and pursuit of value. When the voice of hundreds of millions of netizens is quickly conveyed through the Internet, when the expectations of hundreds of millions of netizens will be reflected in time through the message board, it determines that the online world is also at the moment. Do not lack ideological leadership. The key to "good comments" is "standing in a word" is the power of thought. This requires the comments to have ideological content and become "ideological comments."

The "ideological comment" is that after reading the Internet users, I perceive "ideological power". This perception is essentially the author to communicate with netizens with commenting works, and to achieve consensus, evaluation consensus, aesthetic aesthetics through exchanges, and reaching communication topics. consensus.

  This brings a question of how to improve the idealism of comment.

Good online reviews must be full of passion and rationality.

Because the comments are doing "people’s work", the highest state of the comment is to put the facts and make sense, and "good comment" to persuade and guide people. Today’s public opinion field has become increasingly active in ideology, the trend of social thoughts, and the "coordinate system" that requires thoughts in the noise, and the "backbone" that requires valuables in chaos.

Therefore, improving the idealism of comment is important to strengthen theoretical cultivation, improve political judgment, and use political judgment to improve ideological guidance.

At the same time, it is necessary to use innovation and expression to enhance ideological appeal. The author must be good at listening to the times, observing the times, and grasping the era, forming a clear insight, unique creative insights, and outstanding vision, so that the online review articles can truly become a "carried work" with more persuasiveness and guidance. People distinguish between right or wrong, good or bad, good and evil, and ugly, stimulate people’s spiritual power to rise.

  Using youth expressions to condense "consensus".

As of December 2021, the number of Chinese netizens reached 100 million, and young people had the main body. As a generation of "Gen Z", the Internet not only changes people’s lives, but also affects people’s thoughts and reshapes people’s value concepts. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to build a network platform for young people to gather, create more online cultural products loved by young people, and present the language and methods that are easy to accept in the truth, reason, and facts to be expressed. The creation of online reviews should be implemented, good at using young people to hear and see, and flexibly use the "Internet words", with the stimulating text, graphic reviews, and easy to receive viewing. , Attracting more young people to participate, from the beginning of the young people to all netizens, resonated in the consensus consensus, so that "good comments" became the "promoter" of development, the "barometer" of public opinion, and the "adhesive" of society. The "vane" of morality evokes people’s struggle for passion, struggling to work hard, and establish a job.

(Jiu Tai Ping).