Hainan overtime employment service fully escort graduates for job hunting

Hainan overtime employment service fully escort graduates for job hunting

Original title: Fully escort graduates to apply for job search Recently, students of Sanya Zhongrui Hotel Management Vocational College are class. It is reported that the school has closely cultivated talents around the demand for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, and established school -enterprise cooperation relationships with 145 companies. The employment rates of two graduates exceeded 96%, and Liqiong’s employment accounted for over 60%.

A reporter from this reporter Wu Wei "As the only medical college in Hainan Province, graduates of Hainan Medical College can fully meet the needs of the development of grassroots medical and health institutions in Hainan Province. We sincerely hope that all employers can develop more positions suitable for graduates. Essence

"On the afternoon of May 31st, at the Hainan Medical College’s 2022 Graduate Employment Promotion Symposium (Haikou Station), Zhang Shaohong, deputy dean of Hainan Medical College, worked hard to" sell "students.

Affected by the increase in epidemic and economic downlink pressure, promoting the employment of college graduates has become the top priority of employment.

Near the graduation season, how can Hainan province escort graduates in job hunting? In recent times, from relevant departments to colleges and universities to employers, Hainan Province’s policies and measures on employment services and talent training have frequently increased and follow -up, guiding college graduates to be more and more high -quality employment. Answer the question.

The president of the university secretary visited the Enterprise Expansion of Hainan Medical College on May 31st Hainan Medical College’s 2022 Graduate Employment Symposium (Haikou Station). It is already the fourth employment promotion symposium on graduates held in the school. In recent times, the party committee secretary and principal of Hainan Medical College went to battle, went to more than 10 cities and counties to visit the investigation, held a special employment promotion meeting, and the cities and counties of the city, county health and health committees, human -social and social bureaus, hospitals, and centers of the centers and counties. The heads of the department and the employer exchanged face to face to bridge the employment of graduates and the employment of the enterprise.

The principal of the secretary visited the enterprise to promote employment special operations, but it was a microcosm of Hainan Province’s promotion of college graduates to fully employment and high -quality employment. According to the decision -making and deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government’s "Stable Employment" and "Inspection of Employment", the Provincial Department of Education, together with relevant departments, fully launched policy propaganda to enter the campus, vocational skills improvement, visiting enterprises to promote employment, special channels to promote employment, accurate employment guidance, and guidance of employment. The "seven major actions" such as entrepreneurial innovation support and improvement of employment quality will work hard to grasp the extension, accurate, grasp the connotation, grasp service, and ensure the tasks of the employment work of college graduates. At the same time, many departments in Hainan Province have jointly developed their strengths, a good job of employment and priority policy combinations, and launched a series of measures for stabilizing posts.

According to relevant documents such as the "Administrative Measures for Hainan Employment Subsidy Fund", Hainan Province has issued specific policies from various aspects such as employment and entrepreneurship subsidies and employment appraisal subsidies from difficult graduates.

"In order to expand more high -quality positions to college graduates, Hainan Province also subsidizes relevant units. For example, in recruiting college graduates award subsidies, the unit and subsidy objects sign for more than 1 year of labor contracts, and pay social insurance premiums to perform their performance and perform their performance. After 6 months of the contract, one person is given to 2,000 yuan at a time of each move, and the employment of college graduates is used to escort the employment of colleges and universities.

"Provincial Human Resources Development Bureau (Provincial Employment Bureau) relevant person in charge said. The new market entity releases the employment position on the morning of May 28, the 2022 graduates of Hainan Vocational College of Political Science and Law, the 2023 interns’ supply and demand meeting and the online job fair Many companies with a high degree of professionalism and good salary benefits are sought after by graduates, and long dragons are in front of the booth.

The implementation of Hainan’s outlying islands has been implemented for 11 years. Under the policy dividend, the market has shown vigorous development potential.

At present, there are 6 main entities in Hainan’s outlying islands, and the ex -ex -duty -free shops have increased to 10. The market entities are becoming increasingly diversified, and it has also provided a considerable number of positions to the market. "In this job fair, we provide security officers, monitor, firefighters and other positions. These positions have a large number of talents." China Exemption (Haikou) International Duty Free City Co., Ltd. introduced on -site recruiters. Salary benefits such as five insurances and one gold, shuttle bus, dormitory, cafeteria, year -end bonus, etc., students who meet the needs can apply. According to statistics, since the implementation of the "General Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port", various elements such as talents, funds, and projects have accelerated to gather to Hainan Free Trade Port. High -quality jobs. "Puzhou Yangpu promotes advanced manufacturing, petrochemical new materials, Hong Kong and Airlines logistics, and business services, and related talents need to be introduced.

"On May 12, the deputy mayor of Lizhou Wang Min came to the head of Hainan University, who came to the special operation of the enterprise to expand the job, and said that he hopes to strengthen cooperation with Hainan University in terms of talent training." In January this year The New Hospital of Tunchang County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital was officially completed and put into use.

Now the grassroots conditions are good, and graduates are welcome to come to the grassroots level.

"Recently, Mo Lianping, the director of the Tunchang County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, sent a sincere invitation to the graduates of Hainan Medical College. The efficiency of employment supply and demand matching needs to improve the phenomenon of" no one in the recruitment positions in some hospitals and even the phenomenon of flow recruitment. However, some hospital recruitment positions have attracted the candidates ‘squeezing their heads’. Wu Liang, deputy director of Haikou City Health and Health Committee.

At present, Hainan Province has the problem that employers cannot recruit people and graduates to coexist in work. How to improve the degree of integration between talent training and employers? According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Human Resources Development Bureau (Provincial Employment Bureau), Hainan Province actively builds a "employment with me 365" supply and demand platform, which continues to provide online and offline, uninterrupted recruitment for various types of employers and college graduates. Services and innovate special recruitment fairs in manufacturing, tax -free industries, and education industries to effectively promote the precise docking of labor and supply and demand, and improve the matching efficiency between employment supply and demand.

For colleges and universities, in addition to guiding students to establish a scientific and rational employment outlook, it also requires continuous optimization of talent training.

"We will focus on the four major leading industrial talents in Free Trade Port, deepen the structural reform of the educational supply side, guide colleges and universities in time to revoke or suspend students with low employment rates and low market demand, and add new majors in the construction of free trade ports. Establish a new model of production and education integration. "The person in charge of the Provincial Department of Education said.

The reporter of Hainan Daily learned that at present, Hainan Provincial University Correction Innovation Talent Training Model, cultivating talents that meet the needs of Hainan Free Trade Port, and build a "reservoir" of talents. According to Zhang Yunhong, Hainan Medical College is launching a series of talent training programs, such as the implementation of deep cross -integration of medical sciences and multidisciplinary disciplines to cultivate clinical medical talents that adapt to the new era; Seamless "Interchange Bridge" -type nursing talent training system. Hainan University issued the "Hainan University Employment and Admissions Plan, Talent Training linkage mechanism plan", and established a joint dynamic adjustment mechanism for professional settings, enrollment plans and employment conditions, and dynamically adjusted related majors according to the graduation of graduate graduation and leaving Qiong rate. Enrollment.

"Since this year, Hainan University has explored the three major reforms of the academy system, a complete credit system and a collaborative innovation center to better match the needs of free trade and port construction, and provide greater space for undergraduate selection, adjustment of professionalism and learning years to further meet Hainan The need for innovative composite talents. "Luo Qingming, president of Hainan University.

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