[Video] Bank of Jilin, Jilin help revitalize rural

[Video] Bank of Jilin, Jilin help revitalize rural

Hello everyone, I’m thinking Yue People’s Daily reporter. It is understood that from January to July this year, Bank of Jilin total of loans put in the livestock industry billion, of which loans to related industries cattle billion, while live cattle mortgage loan origination volume ranking first in the province.

As the largest local corporate financial institutions in Jilin, Jilin bank a foothold on the local community, back to basics, focusing the main industry, Jilin people trying to do their own intimate bank, financial services become the main force boosting the province’s revitalization and development. Where we are now is the Yushu City, Jilin Province Animal Husbandry Co., financial resources, let’s take a look at specific measures to boost rural revitalization of Jilin Bank.

Zhou Yan: "Our company is the financial resources of Yushu City Animal Husbandry Co., this year in order to expand the scale of production, the company introduced at the beginning of the Australian import cows, also built a barn, which we put a lot of money lead to funding constraints, once the our business was in trouble.

Jilin elm branch of Bank staff repeatedly come to visit, in the mastery of our specific situation, combined with Bank of Jilin "Ji animal husbandry Sunshine" live mortgages, and soon gave me to handle 500 million loan. To promote the county’s economic development, and actively practice the concept of inclusive finance, agriculture and rural development initiative to adapt to the new situation and new demands, promote the development of the whole chain of animal husbandry province, Jilin province, nine bank branches issued inclusive financial Livestock incremental loans indicators, and the implementation of transmissive management Branch, indicators refined to 70 branches.

Meanwhile, Bank of Jilin developed special incentives to carry out inclusive finance loans livestock marketing contest, mobilizing full enthusiasm to promote the financial strength of our province to province across the animal husbandry and animal husbandry province.

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