Robot surgery, do you rest assured?

Robot surgery, do you rest assured?

The surgical robot is more accurate, minimally invasive, easier, is being diagnosed, surgical, rehabilitation and nursing, etc. Optimization scheme in the use of the arm. The Xinhua News Agency issued the operating room of Haidian Hospital in Beijing, the mechanical arm of the orthopedic surgery robot in the positioning puncture position.

Xinhua News Agency issued a medical robot showing at the 2021 World Robot Conference. With the maturity of modern medical technology, the Surgery has entered the robotic era after 2010.

In addition to developing the most mature, the surgery covers the chest and abdominal cavity, there is an orthopedic surgery robot, a pancapudinal robot, pastel puncture surgical robot, etc.

Surgical robots have been widely used in orthopedics, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, neurosurgery and other fields. Since April this year, Beijing and Shanghai have also included robotic operating costs into medical insurance.

With the support of policy, medical development and technological progress, future robotic auxiliary surgery will be more and more extensive.

What are the characteristics of robot surgery than traditional artificial surgery? Can robots do surgery? Can people feel relieved? 1. Can the robot replace the doctor? At 9 o’clock on November 21, Jilin University Bethune’s First Hospital of Bethune, the second subject physician, ended the fifth operation of the day, including four robotic auxiliary surgery: two A pre-prostate cancer root-oriented surgery, a reserved kidney unit surgery, half-sided urinary resection surgery in a pelvic carcinoma. "Robot surgery, not robot to complete surgery, but become a doctor’s surgery assistant.

During the entire operating process, the doctor can sit in the console operating robot, the robot simulates the doctor’s movement. The surgical bed and robots are completely separated, which can greatly alleviate the fatigue caused by the doctor’s continuous standing surgery.

Anwei said.

Since the introduction of medical robots in May 2020, Anwei leads the team to do near 300 robot surgery. Anwei told reporters that robot surgery is more advantageous in radical tumors, especially malignant tumors, and the micro camera carried by the robot can enlarge the images in the patient, and can synthesize the 3D picture of HD, and there are 7 freedoms. Degree, 540 degrees rotation, higher precision, better viewing.

Surgical robots have been more than 30 years in foreign countries, and it has also been more than 20 years in China. "Medical robots are expected to become the most typical, widely used high-end, intelligent medical equipment in the future. Combined with more advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, medical diagnosis, medical robots can greatly expand the diagnosis and treatment capacity and improve the quality of surgery.

Du Zhili, deputy director of the Robot Institute, Harbin University of Technology. According to the deputy director of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, Deputy Chief Physician Su Yonggang, in the traditional orthopedic surgery, the planning of the surgical path relies on the X-ray perspective, the surgical operation is completely dependent on doctors Experience. After using the orthopedic surgery, the robot can enter the X-ray navigation image into the computer, and the doctor performs path planning by means of the operation human computer interaction software.

"The mechanical arm can perform a doctor’s surgical plan.

"Sun Dawei, director of the Trauma Orthopedics of Bethune, Jilin University, said that the robot can simplify complex surgery, but cannot replace the doctor’s planning surgery path. The choice of the surgery path is based on the understanding of the skeletal three-dimensional anatomical structure. Accurate judgment and a lot of images Clinical experience, the robot is just automatic navigation, find the best channel screw position selected by the surgical plan. In the interview, many experts said that the progress of science and technology continues to subvert the traditional medical, but medical is not a "virtual technology" field. In the process of fighting with the disease, the robot cannot replace the doctor’s human care and care for the patient. Do it ………… When the robot is mentioned, most patients are most concerned about the safety of robotic surgery. The reporter learned that the advantages of the current robot surgery are characteristics such as stability, precision and non-fatigue, and the whole process Surgery is done under the participation of doctors.

Ni Duanyu, deputy chief physician, Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University, told reporters that most people are still happy to accept it to the patient, even if there is doubt. The doctor’s understanding of the disease and understanding of the surgical robot is the patient to receive the bottom gas of the robot. In January 2019, the General Office of the National Health and Justice Committee issued the "Notice on the Institute of Clinical Application Management of Surgery Robots". Notice indicates that in order to standardize the clinical application of surgical robots, improve medical quality, protect medical safety, and decided to establish a Judicial Committee of the State Administration of Surgery. Sun Dahui is a member of the Expert Committee. He told reporters that the requirements of the orthopedic surgery robot, the National Health Jiterary Committee’s request is to do "zero risk", no serious complications in surgery.

"Zero Risk" is a hard demand, which is implemented, and the doctor who implemented robot surgery has excellent strength. Han Qin, the attending physician, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Third Hospital of Peking University, told reporters that even if there is a detailed preoperative statement, there will be some patients to ask questions, worry that the robot has problems in surgery. In this regard, Han Qin will patiently communicate and communicate with the patient.

"The robotic system has built-in emergency processing mode, and our doctor will make a plan to make a plan to respond to the sudden situation at any time.

"Doctors who perform robotic surgery have rich traditional surgery clinical experience, able to deal with various emergencies. In addition, doctors and assistants who conduct robotic surgery need to pass a series of strict standards." Robot surgery is The program execution process under software control has a set of software systems and hardware operating systems. Clinically, if there is a new demand, or for more convenient operation, the doctor will communicate directly, whether it is software update or functional improvement, there has been a communication mechanism, making it more more for clinical operation.

Ni Duanyu said. In addition to safety, costs are also very concerned about patients.

In an interview, the hospital in most people in China, such as the booting fee of orthopedic surgery robots is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, and most of the region cannot enter medical insurance reimbursement.

But carefully calculate it, the robot surgery has its own advantage.

"As an example of pelvic fracture, under traditional surgery, patients with imported steel plates will take 80,000 to 100,000 yuan, using domestic steel plate costs at 60,000 to 80,000 yuan, but if the orthopedic surgery system navigation, all fees It is 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. The overall cost of the patient is less, and the minimally invasive surgery is better, and the traditional open surgery is long, the trauma is large, and the infection can be avoided. "Sun Dahui said. 3. What is the popularization of robot surgery, China’s surgical robot market is increased from RMB 280 billion in 2015 to 2.5 billion yuan in 2026.

From the perspective of current cavoscope surgery robots and joint surgical robots, the two widely permeable rates of the United States are 13% and%, and their domestic is less than 1%. Equipment prices are the primary cause of low penetration rate.

Take the most widely used Da Vinci surgery robot, usually between 20 million to 30 million yuan, and the annual maintenance cost is about 1.5 million yuan. This also determined that the three hospitals with more economically developed areas have strength to purchase surgical robots. The reporter learned that in addition to the first-tier city, there are only two or three surgical robots in most provincial capitals. The high price of medical robots is inseparable from its research and development. "In the research and development of medical robots, the primary thing is to transform the doctor’s clinical demand into engineering language, further condensed scientific issues, refining key technologies, and then explores the solution." Du Zhijiang said that the process of finding the problem is very difficult, A cross-integration of multidiscies such as medicine, robotics, material, imaging, and computer technology. In addition, medical robots need to strictly abide by medical device development, audit rules and processes, experience the entire process of production from the prototype – product – clinical registration – production, and more uncertainty. Overall, my country’s surgical robots started late, and related technologies have gaps compared to foreign countries, and key core components are seriously dependent on imports. In recent years, the state’s policy support for the surgical robot industry has gradually increased. In 2015, the State Council issued "China Manufacturing 2025", which proposes high performance diagnosis and treatment equipment including medical robots.

In February 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Medical Equipment Industry Development Plan", proposes to focus on intelligent surgical robots, and promote the specification of surgery in major illness treatment. In order to accelerate the domestic alternative speed of the medical robot, my country’s universities, hospitals, and high-tech companies have been joint exploration for many years, and the results have emerged.

Thanks to the research team of Harbin Institute of Technology, Tianjin University and other research teams, the listing and clinical applications of domestic cavoscope surgery robots are expected to be implemented in the short term.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the original Dean of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, Tian Tian, ??Tian Tian, ??leads the team, after more than 200,000 failed, the medical enterprise is jointly research, finally developed the third-generation orthopedic navigation robot in 2015.

The list goes on. With the advancement of artificial intelligence technology, the development of medical integration technology and the accumulation of clinical experience, the future, the surgical robots will benefit more people with more preferential prices.