Rubshan County Cangou Township: Four measures to build a "protective wall"

Rubshan County Cangou Township: Four measures to build a "protective wall"

"The first step, we have to put the fire extinguisher to loose dry powder; second step, unplug the seal, pull out the insurance, the left hand support nozzle, the nozzle is aligned with the flame root, the right hand pressure is pressed against the pressure, used.

"On the morning of November 14, Li Yaodong, the armed minister of Huangtou Township, Lushan County, explained safety knowledge in a supermarket in the township. It is understood that in order to do a good job in safety production, the Hou Tou Township is compacted, and everyone is stretched Tight safety nerves, strictly carry out the supervision and inspection, pay close attention to the rectification of hidden dangers, escort the lives and property of the people.

Strong responsibility.

Strictly implement the safety production of "party and government communiques, one post and double responsibility, grasp the co-management" work mechanism, and effectively strengthen leadership, pay attention to the responsibility. Clarify the first responsibility of the party committee secretary, in charge of the responsibility of the leadership, focus on various industries, all business units, and the main body "three-management three must" responsibility, department linkage, strengthen supervision, establish "two accounts", sign one by one Safety production responsibility book. Grab.

Convening a special meeting to discuss safe production work, timely arrange deployment, and continue to track the results. The construction of the security production WeChat group, promotion safety knowledge, publicity knowledge, conveying work requirements, respond, and urges operating subjects to feedback and rectification, and urge the operational subjects to feedback and rectification Effect. Strict law enforcement. The joint safety supervision office, police station, power supply, fire office, food safety office, land resources, etc., 40 people, etc. , Enterprises, nine small venues, etc., on-site teaching, on-site guidance, strict law enforcement, order to rectify.

Heavy effectiveness. Before conducting inspections, training for the content and business knowledge of the inspection key areas, doing targeted, and improve the effectiveness.

For the problem hidden dangers of the inspection, the industry sectors have established professional issues, the Safety Supervision Office established the total billing account, the standards of rectification, and changed one by one.

"Grasping safety production is a normalized and very important job, and the safety of the people’s lives and property is related to the health and social and healthy development of the whole country.

We must consolidate the foundation with a higher responsibility, more strict standards, and more initiatives, and build a safe production of ‘protective wall’. "Chen Qiang, Party Secretary of the Cangta Township Township Township, Luoshan County, said. (Lushan County Committee Propaganda Department Road Du Long) (Editor: Since Salm, Xu Chi) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.