Some app automatic renewal "pit people set" quietly deduct the money

Some app automatic renewal "pit people set" quietly deduct the money

The preferential price name is not true.

The reporter saw on a TV APP named, its continuous monthly activity price is a discount price of 6 yuan. After scanning code payment is 6 yuan, the relevant provisions on the page on the page have shown a renewal fee for 29 yuan. Service 1 day before the expiration will be delivered through WeChat payment.

Some users even have experienced the experience of anti-automatic renewal routines: Subscribe to the app member must not be impulsive, you must find an idle, pay attention to the time, so that you can see all kinds of pits on the page.

Unsubscribe is not easy, refund is difficult to enter the pit, but the pit is not easy.

Consumers cancel the automatic renewal process in some app, so that consumers are unsubscribed into the maze, halo steering, and even refunds.

The reporter downloaded 20 APPs with automatic renewal fees. Only 6 can be unsubscribed within the APP. There are 14 levels of 4 or 5 interfaces that need to be found in a third-party payment platform. Click the Related button to complete the unsubscribe.

In addition, partial apps do not provide the unsubscribe method in the email despite the prompt prompt in advance. In order to unsubscribe for an automated renewal service, I have been a 20-minute phone service for the customer service, and I have experienced six or seventh steps such as transfer, login, and verification. Mr. Zhang, Shanghai, said. Some app bind the automatic renewal service, it will deduct the next billing cycle a few days before the next service billing period, and the consumer cannot refund. What is even more, some app has been removed, but the deduction is not stopped.

Ms. Song, who lives in Henan, has downloaded a camera software called Swagie through the short video platform promotion link. After downloading the software, it is displayed for 48 yuan to pay, but it is actually unable to use it after paying it, and I will uninstall it. But after 7 months, I found that the software passed the third-party payment platform over 48 yuan, and it was deducted about 1400 yuan.

Now the application stores this software, more contacts can’t contact customer service.

Ms. Song revealed.