Shanxi Province comprehensively implements housing provident fund stage sexual support policy

Shanxi Province comprehensively implements housing provident fund stage sexual support policy

  Original title: The province’s comprehensive implementation of the housing provident fund stage support policy 2020, the total payment of billion yuan, increased by the end of the last year, with a total of 100 million yuan, increased from the end of the previous year, May 19, the provincial finance department is announced "Shanxi Provincial Housing Provident Fund 2020 Report". The report pointed out that at the end of 2020, the total payment of billions of dollars, added% from the end of the previous year; the deposit of the balance billion yuan, the same growth increased. The total amount of 100 million yuan is extracted, which is increasing than the last year.

  Among them, in the newly opened employee, the state organs and institutions account for%, state-owned enterprises account for%, urban collective enterprises account for%, foreign-invested enterprises account for%, urban private enterprises and other urban enterprises account for%, private non-enterprise units and social groups %, Flexible employment personnel account for%, other accounts for%; medium, low income accounts for%, high income accounts for%. In the extraction amount, purchase, build, rebuild, and save the housing occupation of the home, reimburse the home interest rate, the rental housing accounts for%; the retirement and retirement extraction account for%, completely lost labor capacity and extracts the labor relationship with the unit. Other accounts for%.

Extract in employees, medium and low income account for%, high income accounting%. According to reports, in 2020, the province’s comprehensive implementation of housing provident fund stage sexual support policies, relieved business difficulties, supported by the epidemic to affected the company’s application to hold the housing provident fund, due to the influence of the epidemic, no overdue treatment, no penalty.

Since the implementation of the policy, there have been 1682 review-compiling enterprises in the province. Due to the influence of the epidemic, there is no normal repayment and no more than 8,271 dealing with loans, and it should have not yet been returned to the original amount. It has played a positive support for the completion of our province’s completion. At the same time, we must conscientiously implement the housing provident fund to pay, extract, loans and fund management business standards, and further optimize business processes, streamline approval requirements, compress time limit, make full use of data interconnected platform advantages, continuously optimize window settings, use "Internet + "Continuous improvement of service performance, establish and improve housing provident fund comprehensive service platform, through the online office hall, network applet, mobile app, etc. through business belongs, network small procedures, mobile app, etc. Housing provident fund business.

(Reporter Ren Zhixia).