Ten departments: Future production in the next five years

Ten departments: Future production in the next five years

How to speed up green low carbon during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period? Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ten sectors issued "14th" National Clean Production Promotion Program ", fully deploying overall requirements, main tasks and organization guarantees, indicating the purge path for the" 14th Five-Year Plan "period. The agricultural membrane recovery ratio is more than 85%, and the cleaning production helps to promote the increase in decontamination and decreased carbon coordination, and achieve carbon peak carbon.

According to the relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission, "Program" proposes a series of overall goals: the system of cleaning production is basically established, and the industrial sector is fully implemented, agriculture, service industry, construction industry The cleaning production in the fields of transportation industry is further deepened, and the overall level of clean production has increased significantly, and the efficiency of energy resources is significantly improved.

At the same time, specific goals, such as chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic substances (VOCS) emissions have decreased by 8%, 8%, 10%, 10%, more than 2020, new efficient The water-saving irrigation area is 60 million mu, and the national agricultural membrane recovery rate is more than 85%, and the comprehensive utilization rate of straw is stable in more than 86%.

"Program" proposes the overall requirements of the promotion of cleaning production. It is an important basis and action guidelines in the ’14th Fiveth’ my country to implement clean production, deployment work, and formulate relevant policies. "China Macroeconomics Institute Energy Research Institute Chinese said. Promote "a line of one-minded" green transformation and upgrade Xiong Huang said, "Program" proposes to highlight the industrial cleaning production, accelerate the promotion of agricultural cleaning production, and actively promote the construction industry, service industry, transportation industry and other fields clean production, fully reflecting Principles with comprehensive advancement and key breakthroughs. In the industrial field, the focus is to capture the source, caught alternative, and grasp.

"Program" is clear, focus on strengthening the evaluation of clean production and high emission construction projects, implementing green design of industrial products, and improving the proportion of non-fossil energy utilization, reducing the use of toxic and harmful substances. In terms of transformation, in a comprehensive development of cleaning production review and evaluation certification, it will promote the "one line of" one-line "green transformation and upgrading, and implement systematic cleaning production. In the field of agriculture, the focus is to catch the investment in the reduction, caught the process of cleaning, and grasp the waste resource.

According to the "plan", in the reduction in investment, the agricultural input will be strengthened and managed, scientifically, and efficiently use agricultural input; in process cleaning, focus, fertilizer, medicine and other elements, promote agricultural festival, Efficient fertilization, veterinary drug reduction

Strengthening scientific and technological innovation leads "innovation is the first motivation to lead high-quality development, fully implement cleaning production, continuously improve the clean production level, inseparable from scientific and technological innovation, model innovation and industrial development." Xiong Huang said.

According to the relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission, the "program" clearly strengthens the clean production science and technology innovation and industrial culture, and do a good job in strengthening scientific and technological innovation, promoting the industrialization of clean production technology, vigorously developing key tasks such as clean production services; deepening the cleaning production implementation mode Innovation, innovative cleaning production audit management model, explore the cleaning production area collaborative advancement, etc.

In addition, "Program" also puts a solid foundation for organizational protection, improvement of laws, regulations, strengthen policy incentives, strengthening basic capacity construction, and lays a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of key tasks, key projects, major initiatives.

"I believe in the guidance and promotion of" program ", in 2025, my country will certainly form a new pattern of high quality development in the production industry, which has strong promotes carbon peaks, carbon neutralization goals, and comprehensively helps beautiful China construction.

"Xiong Huang said. (Reporter Kongde)" People’s Daily Overseas Edition "(06th Edition, November 18, 2021) Editor: Zhang Jingwen.