The Japanese government will perform an empirical test for relaxing activity or no longer limit

The Japanese government will perform an empirical test for relaxing activity or no longer limit

People’s Network Tokyo October 8 (Wu Ying) On October 1, Japan lifted an emergency in many regions across the country.

In order to gradually relax the restrictions set by the new crown epidemic prevention and control countermeasures, the Japanese government launched the relevant empirical trial on the 6th.

Empirical trials will be verified for vaccination prove, detect negative certificates, etc. According to reports, the empirical trial is the beginning of the Japanese Professional Football League (J league) held on October 6, will continue until November. The Japanese government will officially determine the related measures to relax restrictions after analyzing the data collected in the empirical trial.

In November, after the end of the voluntary vaccination, the Japanese government intends to formally ask the public to have a vaccination certificate or test negative proof of vaccination.

In the future, even the epidemic rebound or re-implement "emergency state", it will also allow catering stores to supply wine, people cross-regional activities, etc., and no longer restrict the number of people in the event. The empirical trial will be carried out in large activities, theater performances, catering stores, tourism, and experimentally introduce new technologies to prevent viral spreads, and collect problems needed to improve.

During the empirical trial implementation, the number of admissions and business hours will be relaxed during the implementation period. Japanese Professional Football League became the first major event to carry out empirical trials October 6th, the Japanese Professional Football League (J League) semi-final held in Toyota Stadium in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, and the first empirical trial was carried out at the event site. According to reports, a dedicated window was established on site, confirming whether the viewers were inoculated with two doses vaccines, and whether they held a negative certificate before they would only sell tickets. There are 1800 special sites at the site for the purchase of this type of ticket.

Participate in the empirical trial, and the audience who bought this type of ticket said that people around the special seat are inoculated with two doses of vaccine or test results, it feels very relieved when watching the game.

The Japanese government plans to analyze the collected data by this empirical trial, clearly need to solve problems, and study more specific and effective implementations after listening to expert opinions.

According to reports, the Toyota Stadium is equipped with AI (artificial intelligence) camera and laser radar, which can count the mask usage rate of on-site audiences, and fierce shouts and the palm of the viewing method, the distance between the audience.

The Japanese government will combine the previous statistical data to analyze whether the proven audience has relaxed epidemic prevention measures.

Although the event site cannot detect whether there is an infected person, it will follow the health status of the survey audience. In addition, the Japanese government will conduct empirical trials for 38 tour groups organized by Travel Agency on October 8.

Empirical experiments of catering stores and other places will start in mid-October, including 13 Dao Fu County, such as Kanagawa, Osaka.

The Japanese government will determine the application procedures for relevant certificates based on the results of the empirical trial, and specific requirements for relaxing activity restrictions.

(Editor: Xu Wenjin, Sun Hao).