Sichuan Tianfu New District, Liangshan Musi Taxation Department joins hands with rural resolution

Sichuan Tianfu New District, Liangshan Musi Taxation Department joins hands with rural resolution

The two parties jointly carry out a joint symposium. Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau is in 2002, Sichuan Province launched support for the provincial tax system to accelerate the Development Action Plan, and the tax departments at all levels of Sichuan provide comprehensive and powerful assistance in the Tax Development of Sichuan.

In recent years, according to the in-depth promotion of the construction of the "Sanzhou" national region, the Sichuan Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau has formed a pair of Liangsi Tibetan Autonomous County Taxation Bureau, from "new", and consolidate the outcome of the poverty, Help the revitalization of rural villages.

The word "love" is the first tax forces to lift the rural resolution 700 kilometers from Chengdu Plain, crossing the Dadu River, crossing the small mountain, and then goes north, reaching the Tibetan Autonomous County.

Musi is located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Yungui Plateau, with an average of 3100 meters above sea level, and the mountain rings is over, the snow peaks are tower.

In recent years, the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau has selection two batch of young cadres to Muli County to resident, the first time I embarrassed the young tax cadres of this land, all the beauty of the beauty. Eat Tibetan meals and do hibernation. Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau’s help cadres, put on the woods in the heart, picking up on the shoulder.

As the country’s largest area in the country, Mulai County has always been the most important key area of ??the forest grassland anti-fire. The Muri Tax is the largest number of the county, the most remote, the most poorly contracted area. Helping the cadres show a hard style, take out toughness, sign a subsidiary commitment, in-depth villages to carry out the work of forest fire, rural revitalization and other work. From the mountain pasture from 4100 meters from the altitude to the original jungle that has not yet reclamated, they visited the "Lin Yuan" "Lin Zhongren", stationed in the mountain card point and watchtock, and the list of people who lived in the list to visit the publicity and inspect the safety hazard. , Help arrange fire free isolation belts.

At the same time, they don’t forget the ancient training that is not as good as fishing with fishing, and carry out the taxation knowledge into rural activities in the woods, and effectively play the tax help to defend the poverty and rural rejuvenation. Combined with the local actual, help the cadres recommended and promoted the establishment of the Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty bilingual propaganda small packets in the Taxi County Taxation Bureau, and launched the party history education and tax law promotion activities, and transformed the party’s Huimin policy into popularity. Easy to understand "real words", let taxes provide tax policy support for the development of Mi Ri, helping local villagers’ income and become rich, and the implementation of tax concessions "one is not falling." The Tianfu New District and the army of the wood is a "two-way rush" road. Tianfu New District Tax invites Mili County tax agency to Tianfu New District, and the two parties jointly carry out party building activities, and convene a work symposium for further work on the construction work. "Tianfu New District Tax will join hands to implement the landing of the gang to help, promote the reform of tax collection and management, jointly carry out tax analysis, strengthen talent team joint construction, etc., in order to help speed up the wooden The development of tax careers, helping rural vibrations to provide support.

"Party Committee of Chengdu Taxation Bureau, Secretary of the Bureau of Taxation Bureau, Director Wanmei in the symposium The whole force to create a model of co-construction benchmarks, helping the mountains and rural villages more excused and more strong. "Zhi" word is the recruitment of restriction, and the video conference room in Mulai County Taxation Bureau is being convened. On the "big data application" video exchange symposium In the middle, Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau deeply excavated tax data application value, starting from the typical example of invoice data, detailing the flow of traffic business, and performing data ratio to the application, in-depth lighting, introducing the Tri Prefecture Taxation Bureau Tax Data Application practical experience. It is understood that in-depth information support is one of the important initiatives of the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau in recent years to support the Mili County Taxation Bureau. Since this year, Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau has conducted joint training, special lectures, Regular seminars, etc., continue to help the Miuri County Taxation Bureau in-depth application of tax-related data, combined with the actual situation of the wood, and use the data analysis and push to enjoy more than 200 units, and upgrade the Queen Taxation Bureau to improve the qualifications. Implementing the "four essence" requires injection of smart kinetics, and more and more accurately enjoy preferential policies in time and accurately.

"Tianfu New Area Tax will share information technology and knowledge to the Muli tax. In our hearts, the concept of data, tax tolls, and laid the foundation for our promotion of tax collection and management and intelligent transformation." The County Taxation Bureau Youth Tax Card Cards said. It is understood that in addition to online video online communication, in terms of cadre training, Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau has received two batch of Mili County Taxation Bureau cadres and class learning, in the tax collection, information department equipped with job teaching teachers, arrange the work of class learning schedule and content , Promote the formation of two land cadre talent exchange mechanisms. At the same time, we also jointly carry out venture training, jointly organize training courses for middle-level cadres management capabilities, share micro-class video in the fields of taxable services, levy management, and data tax, and promote the exchange of mutual exchanges between the two parts of cadres and the additional short.

The word "effect" is "beautiful, far-reaching", in order to solve the far "friends", in order to solve the "friend" of the "friends" It also established a link between two close cooperative relationships by sending a research team, remote connection, etc. Through a fear of friendship, the problems encountered in the revitalization process of Mi Ri Rustus have been brought back to Chengdu: the infrastructure is relatively backward, the cadres’ office conditions are hard; the outstanding talents can’t lead, can’t stay, cultivate difficult, etc. The development of the tax in the woods; the national area is generally inadequate, the tax business is single, the management is relatively placed, and there is also a gap between the requirements of taxation … These issues are presented on a research report, implementing the construction matters in one superior.

It is understood that the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau has developed the next step to help help the Taxi County tax department. According to the work plan, the bureau will pick up political responsibility, from talent construction, tax collection and management, basic construction, etc., to provide a comprehensive and powerful assistance to the development of the Taxation of the wood.

According to the person in charge of the relevant departments of the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau, in 2022, in the construction of education and training, the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau will incline more forces to the wood, carry out the leading cadres, professional titles and new recordings of the joint Wood-based tax. Civil servants training, organize expert team "to teach home". More Musi Tax Cadres can also learn from the Taoist New District Taxation Bureau to exercise the business skills in the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau to exchange advanced management. When the revitalization of the rural resolution, the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau will help the mouth to help the "one hand" project, promote the arrangement of the superior to help "Three State", and consolidate the expansion of the poverty, and highlight the responsibility.

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