Shanxi fire evacuation battalion rescued 920 people

Shanxi fire evacuation battalion rescued 920 people

  Original title: Shanxi fire evacuation Camp rescue trapped person 920 National Day holiday, Shanxi fire a police dispatched 386 flood-fighting rescue rescue, dispatched 627 fire-fighting vehicles, dispatched 3,801 power, evacuated 920 people. Since October 2, the province has encountered heavy rainfall, heavy rains in the local area, and the rainfall is significantly longer. There is a different degree of danger in the continuous precipitation process, including landslides, surface subsidence, and the masses are surrounded by water.

In the face of sudden danger, Shanxi fire rain rescue "Battle" officially "start".

At the same time, due to the "attack", some trains in our province are out of service, late, many highways travel is limited, and there are many places in low-lying zone, and the mountain landslide is trapped.

In the face of severe situation, Shanxi fire refers to the war and time running, fast response, urgent dispatch, fighting together. On October 4, the large-scale water in the North Ying South Road coal machine community in Xiaodian District, and the 45 fire trucks in Taiyuan fire department referred to in the 45 fire trucks, and the war was safely evacuated. Safety evacuation people; The next car near the Nanyuan Nanyuan Near the bridge was flooded, and there were 3 trapped people on the car, and the fire refron was rescued by the war. On October 5th, the bridge hole near the home of the original home was flooded. One person was trapped in the roof. Zhangzhou fire refers to the war, and the water entered the bridge hole. 16:03 rescued the trapped person; , A woman in Jinzhong City accidentally fell into the air, and Jinzhong fire referred to the war to rescue the head into the sludge.

  On October 6, a bungalow near Nanyao Gas Station in Xiaoyi City was flooded, and the old man in the year was flooded. After the inconvenience, Lu Liang fire referred to the war, and took the shovel near rescue and successfully transferred people; Zuo Fu County A high school student is going to go home by the flood roll, and the Jinzhong fire-fighting is searching for rescue.

  …… In the rainstorm, a "orange figure" is warm, a sentence "hard" is touched.

(Reporter Yan Shuimin).