The new fraud form called "shared screen" is looking for "prey", please keep this "three not more" principles.

The new fraud form called "shared screen" is looking for "prey", please keep this "three not more" principles.

If there is a stranger asks to share the screen share screen with you, be careful. Recently, a new fraud form named shared screen is looking for prey.

The reporter survey found that such fraud often appear in XX customer service XX merchants, defraud victim trust sharing screen, real-time monitoring of victim SMS verification code, etc., and even deceived.

Once the fraud has a hand, the liar quickly disappears, and the recovery is not difficult.

The bait refund is taken away from 60,000 yuan, and the child is lie to understanding that it is a few months. However, every time I think of the two or three hours, Su Li feels uncomfortable because it can be refunded, she is with self-proclaimed platform After the customer’s person opened the shared screen, I was defrauded for 60,000 yuan. Are you Su Li? We are a certain customer service.

You have bought things online, we have to give you a refund compensation.

When receiving this phone call, Su Li started some hesitation.

But because you have bought this item at the platform, the other party knows your name and address, she quickly put down the vigilance. Subsequently, the customer service asked if Su Li did not query the order.

She opened the software, and the situation is so that the shopping order has been discouraged.

This way, I will let the finance tell you, how do you refund you?

The customer service handed over the phone. Then, the financial requires Su Li to download a software called a billion conference to refund the compensation. Su Li downloads the software and enter the meeting number and password given by the other party, and adds shared video.

Soon, when she logged in to an e-commerce platform, I found that I have been modified by the other party at the account name and address of the platform. And the other party on the screen is constantly opening a network loan on the platform, and then return to the page, continue to open another loan & hellip; & hellip; Since then, the finance also guides her to operate, transfer Alipay and WeChat to a account. For a time, my money in my card was buckled by a pen, and the transfer SMS prompt in the mobile phone continued. In the end, Su Li is in anxiety, uneasiness and helpless, and has been turned from 60,000 yuan.

The reporter retrieves the keyword with the screen shared sharing screen, and finds nearly 50 cases only in the black cat complaint platform. There are nearly 50 cases related to all kinds of shared screen fraud.

And the victim’s fraud, from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. In these fraudulent cases, even a liar is limited to the restriction of the anti-addiction, and successfully scams a 8-year-old minor.

At the end of last month, the 8-year-old primary school student Xiaining borrowed his father’s mobile phone, playing games in the bedroom.

After opening a software named TT voice and enters the game room, some people began to take Xiao Ning, and they will continue to ask if they don’t play games to download a software, I will send you a free skin for free of your skin & hell; When the game account has anti-addiction, the other party means that it can help you unfaith.

So, Xiao Ning listened to the other party, downloaded a book software, and turned on the shared screen function in the upper right corner. Subsequently, the fraud is stepped by step to induce Xiaoning to open WeChat, Alipay and other software, ask the mobile phone verification code and other information, and finally brush 15410 yuan. The means is patient and add intimidation, and the deception is deceived and the past phone video fraud, adding the victim’s WeChat. To implement such new fraud, it is usually implemented by means of a third-party platform with shared screen or sharing screen. These platforms, some of them are software such as XX Conference XX video conferencing X books, and some are not well known, and some software is heard.

Compared to the preparation of the tricing hardware, the routinery and means are more worrying.

In addition to throwing a five-flowers of the excuse and bait to the victim, it is also soft and hard during fraud, and even deceived. Xiaining’s sister said to the reporter that when the younger brother was induced by the other party in the process of being fraudulent, not to be confidently. He is almost close to the door to operate in the house, even hiding in the wardrobe in the home.

Xiao Ning sister said that because the younger brother usually use mobile phone online lessons, the family does not have a vigilance.

Even if Xiaonong has out of the bedroom, but has never been to parents, and there is no sense that he is being shared on the screen fraud.

Frauders are very cautious, will ask the other person’s age, there is someone in the family, and who uses the mobile phone and other information. Xiao Ning sister said that the 8-year-old child does not understand what anti-fraud, the scammer is too mad, and the account we have in a book is also blocked, causing us to submit more evidence to the police now.

It is hoped that the state has attracted attention, avoiding more children to be cheated. And Su Li was fraudulent, and it was even more exciting of fraud.

At that time, there was a big awkward may be deceived, but the other party said that he guaranteed it is definitely a customer service, and it will not be lie, and continue to follow the operation.

Su Li said. Later, when I didn’t want to share the screen, the other party was intimidated that so many loans have been operated. If you don’t continue, you will affect the credit, let you become a black household, directly affect the child enrollment & hellip; & hellip; When you go to these words, Suli is scared for a while, follow the rhythm of the fraud.

Let Su Li angry is that when she is determined to quit, the liar uses the last shudder to deceive her. I don’t want to refund, you will come back to your money. Su Li said to the fraud.

After hearing this, the other party quickly turned to Su Li 10,000 yuan.

Then, it also said that it is necessary to erase the loan traces, completely close the loan, need Su Li to turn back to 20,000.

Because I thought about it, I turned back to a money again, and the result was completely cheated.

Su Li said that in the 60,000 yuan of money he was scam, three transfers were transferred from an e-commerce platform. The rest of the money is to induce each other from the mobile banking.

The back card or the illegal, you can immediately disappear, what is the sharing screen scam? Why is it cheated a very high? Jiangsu Suqian network police have done an experiment, when the two mobile phone opens the screen function, No. 1 Each step on your mobile phone can be clearly reflected in the 2nd phone.

That is, as long as it is in a platform, a software is opened with the other party, you can see anything on your mobile phone. Including input of various types of passwords, mobile phone unlocking, opening each software. In an interview, the reporter won three shared screen scams, and then dial the test and found that all numbers were not accessible. Among them, some fraudulent phone voice prompts have been shut down, and some will be temporarily unable to turn.

The same is true even if you have repeatedly dialed the fraudulent phone number in many days. As long as you succeed, the phone will soon be black. When we go to the case, the police said that these phone numbers are likely to buy or get through illegal channels, and they are not true my call.

Xiao Ning sister told reporters that when the case was made this month, the police had basically confirmed that the part of the scammer is not a person.

The collection of more than 10,000 yuan is made in several mobile phone numbers.

It is said that the liar of these numbers is generally in overseas activities.

They usually have a shot of a shot, and the phone number is replaced very hard. Remember, if a stranger needs you to download a software, or open a link, you will not be able to operate. Not long ago, I was just being shared by the shared screen scam to find the door but successfully evaded. I have a similar scam. It is not necessary to say that it is half. He called for everyone, even downloaded a software in the middle of the trick, don’t click on the screen sharing function, do not feedback any verification code to each other.

I didn’t have anything on the same day, and it was more than an hour with the liar. I was delayed for an hour, and I may saved a victim. The reporter interview learned that the current shared screen feature is usually used by fraudulents is such as pretending to public inspection, loan fraud, customer service refund fraud, cancellation of campus loan tricks, killing pig dishes and other fraud.

And this year, the authentication official account Beijing anti-fraud once said, sharing the screen scam, the account used by fraudulent molecules is almost all accounts, although the account account and account are clear, but it is impossible to establish it with its own association, so the police It is difficult to find who is behind the scenes from these accounts. This is why the current implementation of the fault operation in the country, severely hits the rectification of illegal efforts to start the phone card and bank card illegal crimes.

For all kinds of different types and face fraud activities, the police have summed up the guards of the Tips, and remind everyone that in remembering three different principles in daily life, the unknown link does not click, strange calls are not trustworthy, personal information is not It is disclosed that the transfer remittance is mostly verified.

(Original title: Survey | Your wallet has been shared! Secret sharing screen scam) (Reporter Li Songlin Songxi).