Sukiong Lion Basketball Club Garde Down Name Ceremony was held in Yannan High-tech Zone

Sukiong Lion Basketball Club Garde Down Name Ceremony was held in Yannan High-tech Zone

Modern Express News (Correspondent Chen Heqin Journalist Jiang Zhenjun) Golden Autumn is cool, fruitful. On October 21st, the Suskiong Lion Basketball Club National Men’s Basketball League (2021-2025 season) Grungy National Name Ceremony Press Conference was held in Yancheng Sannan High-tech Zone. The Modern Express reporter learned that Suzhou Bank and Suko Xiong Club strongly jointly strengthens the development process of Yannan sports, adding new vitality to Yannan sports. In May this year, the Sushu Lion Basketball Club is home to Yannan, providing a practical and important support for the sports cause of Yannan. Suzhou Bank is the only legal city firm in Suzhou, has implemented "deep cultivating Suzhou, facing Jiangsu, integrating into the Yangtze River Triangle", in the long running area.

It is reported that Suzhou Bank Yancheng Branch was established on March 3, 2021, settled in the Salt District Financial Square, which is focused on building "the best bank in Northern China".

At present, there are 3 network outlets of Branch, Dongtai Branch, Dafeng Branch, sustained coding in people’s livelihood, Puhui finance, green finance, etc., which has made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Yancheng, which has become a city commercial bank in Yancheng. A brilliant star.

Suzhou Bank Co., Ltd. Yancheng Branch, deputy director Xiangyang, said that as a professional team of NBL National Men’s Basketball League, Sukiong Lion Basketball Club settled in Yannan, not only filled the gap in Yancheng professional basketball, but also becomes promoted Yancheng An Important Measures for the Strong Sports and Sports Industry High Quality Development. In the guest and leaders, Yang Jianqing, General Manager of Suko Construction Workers, and Yang Jianqing, Supervision of Suzhou Bank Co., Ltd., Director, Director, Salt City Sports Bureau, delivered a speech. Subsequently, Xue Feng and Suzhou Bank Co., Ltd. Yancheng Branch, Xue Feng and the Suskawa Construction Group General Manager Wang Zhuchuan signed a cooperation agreement; Su Kewei basketball club player debut, Tang Dongqing is the main coach, Xue Feng is Captain gave the entity jersey and showed it together.

At the end of the event, the Minister of China Basketball Association, Ye Qinghui, delivered a warm speech.

In recent years, Yannan High-tech Zone optimizes policy measures, innovates consumer scene, and accelerates the construction of sports industry clusters, and the rapid development of sports, Yan Nan High-tech Zone has successfully selected the only first provincial culture and tourism consumption pilot area of ??Yancheng, first The provincial sports consumption pilot area has become the youngest, most dynamic and creative sector of Yancheng.

"The introduction of the Suskionion Club home, the introduction of the top basketball event will have a more far-reaching impact on Yannan to improve regional energy levels and core competitiveness.

Today, Suzhou Bank and Suko Xiong Basketball Club are strongly united. I believe that the efforts of the two sides will have a new step, and write a new way.

"The relevant person in charge of Yannan High-tech Zone said.

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