Tianjin Beichen District Innovation Method Lets Party History Learning and Education

Tianjin Beichen District Innovation Method Lets Party History Learning and Education

The Xi’an Town Lu Xinhe Primary School launched the "same red vessel heart and circle China Dream" creative production activities. Correspondent Sun Yi Beichen District adheres to innovation methods, continuously enriching the learning carrier, expanding the content of learning, actively building an integrity, entertaining, entertaining red classroom, and building a multi-platform, talking about red stories, and expands more The way to inherit the red spirit, let the party history learn education to ground the ground, hot gas, let the party history into the mind into the heart. It is a very deep influence on the party in the living room in the memory. "My mother is very deep in 193 years, my mother has a deep impact on me. I hope to become a brave and strong communist party member like my mother." 76 years old Ma Zhaizhen’s grandmother said that his eyes did not humid. This is a scene of the "New Village Red" in the street in the garden, the old man, and the old man talks about everyone infected with each person infected. In order to create a strong atmosphere celebrating the party’s 100-year-old, the new village street of the orchard carried out the "Bai Zhang Ying Ying Centennial" activity in the "Red" session, the old party member and the grassroots excellent typical character representatives recorded the "heart" that I want to tell the party in front of the party. To display the whole street, the "personal image" is gathered into a warm-hearted "group", showing the comrades of the majority of party members of the first street, one heart to the high-spirited spiritual temperament.

It is expected that a total of 100 old party members and the grassroots excellent typical characters represent the "red" living room, telling the red story, recalling the years.

The big hand and small hand learning party history, "From the three party members grandparents’ revolutionary story, I deeply felt the glorious tradition and good style of the Communist Party. As a young pioneer, the red seed rooted, from the small party, and the party Well, go with the party, and try to master the scientific and cultural knowledge, grow up to become the qualified builders and successors of the motherland! "The young pioneers said emotions.

A few days ago, Qing (Guang) Yuanjie organized the "big hand-pulled small hand inherited red gene" theme activity, the street domain of 3 Party age 50 years old party members and young party members, community members and young pioneers represent a "belief dialogue".

This event is the vivid practice of "party construction team construction, team building", telling the sharing experience and feelings of the old party members in combination with their own revolution, work and learning experience, letting youth party members, common young group members, young pioneers are being baptized in red educational baptism, Further inherit the red gene, and the revolutionary blood is continued. "You take me to shoot one, the whole party will celebrate the seven; you shoot two, I shoot two, laughter, laughter, you shouted; you should shoot three, always talk to the party …" in Jixian Luji Lin Li Community New Times Civilization Practice Station, the old party member Zhao Delin is leading the children to recite the nursery rhymes of his creation "Song".

Zhao Delin’s old man’s innovation form, putting the party’s history, the development of the motherland and the love creation of the motherland into the nursery rhymes of Lang Lang, combined with the children’s painting, making a nursery rhyme painting small album, using a young child to help children We establish a value concept of love party, patriotism, love socialism, and engrave the party’s spirit in the hearts of children.