Shaanxi Yu: Explore the "four three" mechanisms to establish an open fusion system

Shaanxi Yu: Explore the "four three" mechanisms to establish an open fusion system

In recent years, with the in-depth development of urbanization, the construction and social governance of urban areas face new situations and new issues.

Active to respond to changes and challenges, explore the establishment of the "four three" mechanisms of the city grassroots party, without increasing the personnel, the funds are not added, relying on party construction leads the grassroots community governance innovation, effectively resolve new problems, adapting to new situations.

First, when the background is introduced, the rural areas transition to urban areas, and farmers have transformed towards the public. The community population has grown rapidly, and personnel flow become normal. There are 6 urban communities, 43,252 people in the jurisdiction, 518 party members, including 84 foreign party members, and surrounded by 218 people.

The six communities have 9 full-time staff, and 1 college village official in the community. Due to the lack of manpower, the shortage of service resources, the community is working in order to be the civil test and the gangster, the administration tendency is more obvious, and the two basic functions of the study of the grassroots party organization education management are not from the heart. This has formed contradiction with the growing service needs of community masses. Since 2015, 岚 皋 焦 焦 城 城 化 化 难 难 题 社 社 难 彻 彻 彻 彻 彻 彻 系统 彻 系统 系统 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 能 体 体 体 体 系 能 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 系 系 体 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系 系The "four three" mechanisms of the city grassroots party, which strongly aggregates the construction of all parties to form the new path of party building leading the management of urban community governance.

Second, main practices (1) Given the community three privileges and enhance coordinated linkage. Given the community recommendation in public construction in the urban public construction, where all work such as public construction planning, urban management rules, residential welfare policies, etc., have set up special links to listen to the community party branch.

Given the community supervisory power, the county committee effectiveness supervision and the discipline inspection and supervision department have been given to the community survey, listening to the performance of various functional departments, the survey results are hooks with the annual assessment. Given the community authentication rights in the construction of cadres, the introduction of the "Organization’s Office of the Organization of the Organization" (Trial) " Tree model, when the exchange is retrovated, it will consult the community to restrict the rules of discipline, adhere to 6 aspects such as honesty and self-discipline and the privacy of public order, and have a problem with the relationship between the problems, informatting criticism, and cancel the examination. Wait corresponding processing.

At the same time, the part-time member system of the Community Party Branch will further enhance the penetration of community work.

(2) Establish a three-level combo system to drive up and down.

Explore the formation of a three-level joint meeting system. Relying on the joint meeting of the Grand Party Construction Work Leading Group in the county, urban grassroots party construction as a fixed issue, regular research planning. The new establishment of the joint meeting of the county city grassroots party construction work, the head of the county party committee, the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, and the deputy head of the county party committee, the deputy head of the party committee of Chengguan Town, member of the head of the county, the heads of the county, the head of the party (Work) committee, each quarter Convening a special meeting arrangement deployment.

Establishing a community city grassroots party building work joint meeting, work or residual county party committee members of the community, member of the team members of the city of Chengguan Town Community, member of the community, secretary of the Community Party branch, member of the ministerial community, resident The head of the party organization of the community organs, member of the community branch, part of the joint office, held a meeting every 2 months, and concentrated on promoting counsel. (3) Implement three categories of co-construction actions to strengthen system propulsion.

With the social units to the community, the organs of the community are registered in the community, and the community is responsible for the way. All party members in the community are based on their own advantages, and they will be in the mesh. Service position, to the masses, the cultural and sports community, carry out three types of activities such as "Grid + Party Group" service, party membership volunteer service, and mass cultural and sports community services.

124 community party members, 86 organs of the party members claim the netger long, the party group leader, served as the street leader, the dean of the building; the 84 organs of the party members, the part-time "policy explanatory staff, contradictory mediator, double-child inspector" and other public welfare Post; 65 parties members of the organization based on cultural literary expertise, lead 37 cultural and sports communities. This year, 239 residential units claim 541 projects, 1257 party members to the community volunteer service more than 4,000 times, 6 urban communities respectively held a total of "Seven" total resident activities, and Xihu Community Innovation launched residents "Moral Bank". (4) Improve the three sets of sharing systems, lengthen the resource short board.

To share the party building resources as the traction, establish three aspects of the community and the community organ unit sharing service information, service resources and joint construction results. Relying on "Wisdom", "" and other big data platforms, the community organ unit combined with government affairs, open non-confidentiality government information to the community, and the community actively develops the people’s opinion, the employment market, the convenience information release, etc. Internet platforms and tools, open accessories between government affairs information and emotional information.

The unit adjustment of the unit adjustment of the party building, cultural and educational, sports facilities, introduces specific measures, planned, orderly open. At the end of the community, participated in the construction of the community organs to build a scientific class; the community party construction year assessment results were divided into the community organ units. In the past three years, 104 institutions in urban areas have maintained more than 500 square meters to the community, and nearly 10,000 square meters of sports venues, providing 43 computers, 140 sets of office and chairs, 81 non-public enterprises and social organizations help zero Family solves 382 jobs.

Third, achieved results (1) The party building system is smoother.

All kinds of organizations originally affiliated, different, different levels, with party organizations are compatible with links, and all party construction efforts are effectively integrated, and the harmonious homes have become a matter of everyone. (2) harmonious construction is more solid. All kinds of organizations at all levels in the community are involved in the construction of responsibility, channels, objectives, content, and party members’ advantages and expertise have been better, and the quality of construction work has improved. (3) Resource sharing deeper. The party building resources in the community have been utilized, and the short board of urban community party construction is effectively reinforced, and the basic guarantee level of the entire city is significantly improved.

Fourth, the revelation (1) Giving play to the party’s organization advantage is fundamental. The number of urban population is large, has a wide source, more demand, and various types of organizational forms, nature.

Strengthening community social governance in the context of urbanization, we must give full play to the party’s organizational advantages, and take the initiative to make all kinds of organizations, closely linked to the masses, and lead the community governance innovation.

(2) Working method using party construction work is key.

Carry out the construction of the Urban Party Construction and Construction, and the Party’s Work Thoughts and Methods, Plays the Fighting Fortress and Party Affairs Model Effect, by implementing organizational life, sharing party building resources, etc., putting the strength of all aspects is justified, powerful aggregation stand up.

(3) Practice the purpose of the party’s service is The final purpose of strengthening the city’s party building is to lead the community governance innovation and solve the problem of community governance in urbanization. By solving the problem, the party’s strength, the party’s advantages, and further consolidate the party in the city.

(Editor: Huang Wei, Yan Yan).