Siping became the first national social credit system construction demonstration area in the province

Siping became the first national social credit system construction demonstration area in the province

  On October 29th, the National Development and Reform Commission and the People’s Bank of China officially announced the list of third batch of social credit system construction demonstration zones, and 34 regions in the country were rated as the third batch of social credit system construction demonstration zones, and there were famous in the city list. The first region of our province is awarded this award. "National Social Credit System Construction Demonstration Zone is the highest honor in the construction of national credit system.

The successful creation of this time will become a four-flat optimization business environment, stimulate urban development vitality and further enhancement of the booster to improve the credibility of government credits, will also vigorously enhance urban reputation, and the people’s sense, happiness and satisfaction, become Four flat gold signboard. "The relevant person in charge of the municipal number bureau said.

  This "national word" signboard, "containing gold" is high.

Related data showed that as of now, in the 261 levels of national credit monitoring, a total of 40 levels of national social credit system construction demonstration zone, accounting for only%.

After two and a half years of effort, Siping ranked 172th in early 2019 from the beginning of 2019 to the 17th place in the beginning of 2019. The NPC San Ping City promulgated the "Siuping Social Credit Ordinance", which became the local regulations specializing in the construction of the Social Credit System in Jilin Province; formulating the "Siping City Social Credit System Construction" 14th "Planning", clarifying the development of credit construction Long-term goal; credit platform and website construction is more complete, fully realize credit information data collection, publicity and application; strengthen government integrity construction, establish civil servant’s integrity archives system, to achieve 10,000 civil servants and members of the city and reward You must implement the file credit records to implement; Comprehensively carry out the credit-based classification supervision, 33 departments or industries implementation with "Double Random One Public" as a means, based on credit supervision, and complement "Internet + supervision" and key supervision as complementary supervision Market supervision is more efficient. The credit application is continuously expanded, "believe in" "Xinyan loan" "letter", "letter", "credit" reform, "unreasonable general academic acceptance" as the core "letter" experience Broadcasted by the State Council.

Establishing a special risk compensation fund for "Xinyan loan", solving the difficulty, expensive problem of SMEs, four flat becoming the total amount of loans in Jilin Province and the northeast China "Xinyan Loan" platform to account for the highest urban GDP proportion, driving effect The best area; promote the construction of red credit rural construction, explore party building leading the credit rural, financial services rural, credit and help rural construction, build a new model of revitalization; carry out the integrity of the Wanli, open up the Renxing Pedestrian Street Credit Visual Demonstration Street, Huayu 3 credit demonstration streets such as integrity demonstration communities and 2 demonstration communities construction; carry out the top ten integrity enterprises and Top Top Ten Integrity Citizens, and create a honest and trustworthy social atmosphere.

  People stand by believe, the city is in trust. In recent years, the Siping Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government attaches great importance to the construction of the social credit system, with the theme of "the heroism, the credit", the blessings of the people ", and in-depth promotion of government affairs, commerce, society, the judicial field, and explores the construction of high standards. High-level social credit system, the construction of social credit system as deepening "venting service" reform, optimize business environment, promoting high-quality development of economic and social, adheres to strong foundation, supplementing short board, re-application, and let new era Integrity integrates into urban blood, boosts four flat comprehensive revitalization.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Shille.