The total output value of the new industries in Baiyun District is close to 60%.

The total output value of the new industries in Baiyun District is close to 60%.

The reporter has recently learned from Baiyun District that the area continues to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industrial transformation last year, and the new industry accounts for nearly 60% of total industrial output value above the region, of which 5 million caliber software and information technology business income growth hit the city. First.

Since last year, Baiyun District conscientiously implements new development concepts, vigorously develops high-end consumer goods manufacturing, aluminum and deep processing industry, health medicine industry, new energy industry, new material industry, engine and supporting industry, big data and 5G supporting industries, etc. Large industry, key enterprises rapidly, traditional industries accelerate upgrade, the rapid growth of emerging industries, the effectiveness of industrial transformation and upgrading, equipment manufacturing, food medicine and other new industries have become a new power of industrial economic growth. Industrial layout is more reasonable.

Baiyun was adjusted by the provincial government to approved by 3769 mu of construction land.

The city’s first new industrial land demonstration project industry creation and incubation industrial park started construction; medical equipment industrial park, Guiyang software base, Liandong U-valley industrial complex, etc. Key industrial parks in the city construction; Jinghong Industrial Park, Aluminum Processing Base Industrial parks such as New Materials Industrial Parks accelerate the order of "retreating into the garden" and other enterprises such as Qi Ye, 3117 factory. Equipment for the improvement of industrial development.

Last year, a group of medium and high-end manufacturing projects such as Geely engine, Hai Ying, and the establishment of aviation were built in Baiyun District. The Hai Ying Phase II project accelerated construction, Shanghai Hao, Baolun Technology, Kels and other medical device industry projects successively Falling, the industrial development continues to increase. China Aviation Standard Parts, Dadong Bree Machinery, Kang Master Drink, Wahaha Changsheng Beverage, and other six key industrial enterprises in the epidemic situation, "Anti-Treatment Growth", in which the Master Kong’s drink increased year-on-year. Digital economic development is strong.

Baiyun District has fully promoted the top ten key projects in several Bo Avenue (Baiyun section) accelerated construction, Tencent Yun landed Guiyang software base, Huawei Guizhou Headquarters settled in Baiyun; 6 major data excellent enterprises, completed "big data + industry" converged project 10, "Big Data + Service" converged project, driving 47 physical economic enterprises with large data depth fusion; vigorously implement "enterprise online" project, large-scale industrial enterprises above more than 85%; The full-caliber software and information technology business income of 3.5 billion yuan, of which 5 million caliber software and information technology business income are expected to complete billion yuan, year-on-year growth, and growth in the city.

Last year, there were 6,125 new market entities in Baiyun District. The total amount of the market mainly reached more than 33%, of which the manufacturing main body increased. (Guiyang Daily Heading Media Reporter Liang Wei) (Editor: Chen Jingjing, Chen Kangqing).