Valley Yuetings Luliang Ming Toyou Function Food "Party"

Valley Yuetings Luliang Ming Toyou Function Food "Party"

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Xinhua Net (Feng Shuetha) Xinhua Net Taiyuan April 12, April 20 is the "Rain Bay Valley".

At the press conference held on the 12th, the deputy mayor of Lu Liang City, revealed that as a national famous red dates, walnuts, small grains, liquor production bases, Luliang will hold the first famous special function food trade fair in the 20th to 22nd Help the revitalization of the country, the industry is prosperous and the poverty attack. People say that Shanxi is good, and the right hand refers to Lu Liang. Luliang has a long history, rich variety resources, and special products.

"Six, seven thousand years ago, the valley became the important planting variety of Lu Liang; Lu Liang cultivated soybeans, musk, scorpion, and 子 or, etc. also have a history of four or five thousand years."

Yan Wenlong, according to the agricultural department cereal quality supervision and inspection and testing center to Xing County "Jin Guxiang" millet, Xiaobai Bean, Daming Mingmei, Red Bean and Linxian kidney soy, black soybeans and other tests, the crude protein contained, Amino acid, crude fiber, and calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc. Central zone, national walnuts in the important production area, Shanxi’s largest container production base, national advantageous potato production base, modern animal husbandry development, the best area of ??planting edible bacteria … In introducing Lu Liang function food situation, Yan Wenlong entered the rhythm of "can’t stop", and specially recommended Lu Liang’s beef cattle and mountain pig. "Farmers rushed into the mountains, eating Chinese herbal medicine, drinking mountain water, meat quality is particularly good."

"In order to further show the achievements of Luliang characteristics, expand the development of agriculture, promote agricultural investment promotion, carry out agricultural products trade negotiation, speed up Lu Liang’s agricultural products to go out, promote rural resolution, industrial prosperity and depletion of poverty," The first Lu Liang name " The Food Exhibition will be held in the Fuyang City Convention and Exhibition Center, which is scheduled from April 20-22, 2018. 文龙 said that the total size of the exhibition is 20,000 square meters, interior, and 10,000 square meters.

The indoor exhibition is divided into 10 major sectors of the walnut zone, the red jujube area, a miscellaneous grain exhibition area, the potato exhibition area, the sandstand area, the animal exhibition area, honey exhibition area, alcohol exhibition area, functional beverage exhibition area and other exhibition areas; the outdoor exhibition area is a special snacks show tasting area.