The third national entrepreneurial service show exchange activities held in Changchun

The third national entrepreneurial service show exchange activities held in Changchun

  On October 14, the third national entrepreneurial employment service show exchange activities held in Changchun. The Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Chairman Gao Yunlong attended the launching ceremony and announced the launch. Zhu Junhai, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee.

  Jing Junhai represents the provincial party committee and the provincial government to successfully congratulate the event.

He said that innovation is the source of vitality. Entrepreneurship is the foundation of development, and employment is the foundation of Minsheng.

The success of this event is the actual actions of General Secretary of Xi Jinping inspected the important instructions of Jilin Important Speech. It is an important initiative to enhance entrepreneurial service level, build first-class labor brands, and effectively promote balanced employment.

Today’s Jilin is an innovative Jilin, Vibrant Jilin, opportunity Jilin, we must further deepen entrepreneurship services cooperation with great open, big development, big cooperation, and create more favorable conditions for high-quality entrepreneurship. First, focusing people-oriented, common prosperity, further motivating innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship, expanding employment, achieving everyone’s participation, everyone, everyone is enjoying, encouraging laborers to enterprises, continue to improve people’s life, better promote social harmony .

Second, the focus of inclusive development, balanced employment, both vigorously develop high-tech industries, but also to promote employment structure and market demand, economic transformation, industry upgrade, improve employment equilibrium level; perfect urbanization space The layout, accelerate the development of county economy, promote the transfer of the residual labor in the countryside, close to the ground; fully implement the rural resolution strategy, promote the development of one or two-three production, and put the job of the agricultural industry chain to the farmers, the development income of the value chain is more benefits Farmers. The third is the focus area coordination, business innovation, relying on national strategy, based on regional characteristics, cooperate with industry chain, supply chain, innovation chain, promote regional employment rational layout, maintaining employment position and population distribution higher match, promoting entrepreneurs employment undertaking complement The business is complementary. Fourth, focusing on reform and innovation, multi-point force, through the growth of private economics, speeding up scientific and technological innovation, building development platform, activating business environment, activating entrepreneurship, and promoting the formation of innovation and supporting entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship. Jing Junhai said that the Ministry of Human and Social Social Social Social Social Society will organize the third national entrepreneurial employment service show exchange activities, fully reflecting the strong support and concerns of Jilin.

We must take this event as an opportunity to further enhance entrepreneurial employment service level, continuously promote new products, new technologies, new formats, new models, deeply inspiration of public entrepreneurship, innovative passion and vitality, with higher quality balanced employment, promote The new era of Jilin is full of revitalization. At the launching ceremony, Li Zhong, deputy director of the Ministry of Human Social Society, fully affirmed Jilin’s entrepreneurial employment work, further promoted innovation and entrepreneurship, stabilize and expand employment to propose hopes and requirements.

Wang Zi, Wang Zi, mayor Changchun City, and Jilin Rice Agricultural Technology Workers Labor Brand Represents Cai Xue.

  Subsequently, Gao Yunlong was accompanied by Jingjunhai, and the entrepreneurial city booth and labor brand show the provincial booth. Provincial leaders Hu Jiafu, Li Yue, Zhang Zhijun, Adong, Li Weidou and all provinces (districts, municipalities), Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Human Social Sector Responsible Comrade, partially participating in the entrepreneurial urban government, and some labor brand project representatives participated in activities.

Editor in charge: Huang Wei.