Titting at the "extremely pole" long triangulation demonstration zone two years to climb

Titting at the "extremely pole" long triangulation demonstration zone two years to climb

  Put the people’s pain points, difficult to refine the document, and innovate the system in the document, let the development of the dividend release in the project construction … On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the list, the long triangle ecological green integrated development demonstration zone is handed over " Answer ": In addition to deepening the first 32 institutional innovation achievements, the demonstration area is also launched this year new 41 institutional innovation results, promoting 65 major projects, and climbing to the system innovation. "System + Project" double-wheel drive "Test Field" reconciliation development new fruit golden rice waves with wind swing, small and small lakes series, such as poems, several excavators are "struggling" homework … deep autumn The long triangle, the demonstration zone Water-Rural Area Blue Ring Demonstration Section is in full swing. As the "core in the core" in the demonstration zone, the water-seeking room is located in the junction of Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shanghai, with an area of ??approximately 35 square kilometers. It has the complexity of space and morphology. Its planning construction is a concentrated expression of the exemplary area system innovation.

  Liu Feng, Minister of Ecology and Planning and Construction Department of the Demonstration Zone, introduced that in order to better promote construction, the Executive Committee and relevant departments have achieved "a blue tube" "The city of Su Zhejiang Province, one city, also formed a new development and construction company in the same proportion, and realized a total investment in cross-province. "Integrated institutional innovation is the core and mission of the exemplary area.

"The director of the Changhe Triangle Integrated Demonstration Zone Executive Committee, focusing on the focus of integration, on the basis of launching the first 32 institutional innovation results last year, the demonstration area has launched 41 institutional innovation results.

  If the first-line launch area planning construction guide is issued, the first to achieve "a set of standard tube quality" in cross-provincial space planning; focus on cracking the core interests of different administrative subjects, introducing cross-domain fiscal tax sharing implementations in the demonstration zone; focusing land indicators and other issues , Introduce the operational method of using a mobile land use motor indicator of the demonstration area. The 32 institutional results formed last year also further appeared.

For example, on the basis of the "three unity" system of the ecological environmental protection, 8 unified standards, establish seven unified monitoring mechanisms; Creating a Corporate "model room" co-painted high-quality development new painting Shanghai Qingpu District accelerates the trillions of the long triangular digital trunk; Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province The province first; Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, has attracted 341 contracts in high quality projects since last year, the investment amount is 2.20 billion, and the total number of attractions before the establishment of the Demonstration area … Whether it is economic construction, or social development, 2021 The performance of the three places in the annual demonstration zone can be used.

  In the global economic growth, domestic reform enters the underwater area, why do Qingwu Jia Sanyong hand over the bright "transcript"? The respective "arms are not long" in the two districts, "the unfair", "is also the regional synergy brought by integrated development begins to appear.

Wujiang District Committee deputy secretary, District leader Wang Guorong said that Wujiang can achieve this achievement, in addition to internal strength, more benefit in learning and docking Shanghai, integrating into the long triangle strategy.

  Tongji University Long Triangle Sustainable Development Research Institute, the country’s first 8-inch silicon-based gallium gallium gallium China Yino Sako, total investment of 20 billion yuan of Hengli Long Triangle International New Material Industry Base … in the demonstration area Under the "magnetic field", now various high-tech projects have frequently faster, and also attract more construction subjects.

  The Demonstration Zone Developer Alliance established in the August last year once again played the role of "energy field" and attracted more "career partners."

Huawang introduced that the developer alliance absorbed 16 new members this year. At present, there are 41 member units, and members of "master" consciousness are constantly enhanced.

  In Qingpu District, the Qingpu R & D Center is Qingpu R & D Center, Shanghai Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd .; in the Wujiang District, established Huawei (Wujiang) Industrial Internet Ensoft Center, with local colleges and universities to build a Triangle integrated Demonstration area ICT talent island; in Jiashan County , Join hands with the group to jointly build the intelligent intelligent lighthouse plant benchmark, build the "Soft International Triangle New Data Application Innovation Center" … As one of the founding members of the Developer Alliance, Huawei is in the long running layout, is "industry The vivid practice of guanzhi + institutional statutory + market operation.

  The same city is highlighting the development of dividends, with the acceleration of regional integration, more and more "same city" will bring "not a city, win like a city" to the demonstration zone. "A ID card, a real estate license, 5 minutes waiting time, successfully got the drawings of the hometown …" Recently, the hometown in the Wujiang District, Pang Yunhua working in Qingpu District, successfully in the Qingpu Administrative Center Follow the drawings of the homes.

  Not just to extract the construction drawing, cross the provident fund, the medical insurance is settled from the business, the enterprise file query … Since the "cross-provincial" comprehensive acceptance service window, Qingwu Jia 3 can be available more than 1000 Item, ranking in the forefront. "The ultimate goal of reform is to let the development achievement benefits more residents." Zhang Zhongwei, deputy director of the Executive Committee of the Long Triangle Integrated Demonstration Zone, introduced the people’s livelihood service, the people’s livelihood service, the priority of this year’s demonstration area, 26 indivual. Up to now, the "one cartoon" mechanism of social security card is supported by social security cards has covered 2.83 million residents; across provincial bus lines increased to 6, as of September this year, across provincial bus accumulated 97991 shifts, and equipped with passengers.

  In addition, Shanghai Quality Public Resources is accelerating the whole domain of the radiation exemplary area.

Such as the Shanghai Foreign Education Group set up an affiliated experimental elementary school in Wujiang; Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, the International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and the cooperation to accelerate the promotion of the medical affiliate project. With a global, the growth of the Yangtze River Triangulation is rising to the national strategy is about the three anniversary, and the demonstration area of ??about 2400 square kilometers will continue to open a long triangle of about 10,000 square kilometers.

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