The first issue of "local memory +" culture is held in Chengxiang Town, Qingbaijiang

The first issue of "local memory +" culture is held in Chengxiang Town, Qingbaijiang

People’s Network Chengdu May 24th (Wang Bo) On the afternoon of May 22, a "local memory +" culture is held in the town of Localand City, Chengdu Qingbaijiang City.

The event invitation to the publisher, "Read Library" founder Zhang Li Xian, cross-border designer, Creative Wang Hai and artist, Localand founding Song Qun, they use "individual memory and local memory" theme, from themselves, The value of the ground culture and the investigation collision in cross-domain.

It is understood that "local memory +" is a series of cultural activities initiated by local local agencies. It will host a series of lectures, exhibitions, exchanges, screening activities in Localand City, and invite various industries to record local culture. Urban and rural memory, people created by public spaces, explore and explore cultural associations in daily life, promote the diversified development of local culture, and achieve effective mining and spread of land value. Chengxiang Ancient Town, the typical sample of China’s urban and rural change trajectory Chengdu Ancient Town, built in the South Dynasties of the South Dynasties, from 1950, Jinzhou County, Jinsheng County, has been promoted and has been built in 1900 and the history of more than 1400 years.

In the ancient town hovens in the horses, there is a homage of the Northern Song Dynasty, the fellows of the Ming Dynasty, the Emperor Chuan Hall in the Qing Dynasty, the courtyard of the Republic of China, and the industrial plant left by the "three-line" construction period. The historical and cultural elements of each period were integrated, and there was a very rare to Chengdu and concentrated the typical samples of contemporary Chinese urban and rural transition trajectory.

"Localand · City Chambers" created by Local, located 59, Chengxiang Street, Chengxiang Town, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu, has been opened on April 30, 2021, and 7 exhibitions of "local memory +" series are open.

The building integrates the traditional Sichuan architectural characteristics, two spaces in modern design, and nearly 10,000 square meters in the indoor and outdoor space.

Localand · City Chamber will be the main line of "local memory +" as the main line, the pioneer practitioners at home and abroad, the way to intervene in urban and rural areas, including local culture into their daily, covering place Memory Museum / Art Exhibition / Community Creating / Retro City Set / Different Type New Scene Experiences in Earth Food.

The nine scenarios of space have been gradually open: carrying the important places in the city’s hundred years of memory – Chengxiang memory; public activity space and life aesthetics space – local community construction center; show Chinese contemporary architect urban and rural practice – shelter; Comprehensive reading space in the form of books + exhibitions – Reading library; focusing on the research exchange space of local culture – local school; feel the boutique coffee Asian taste – original rock coffee; the most real tea culture experience – Tea Convergence traditional taste and innovative dishes – East Lake taste; one-stop exploration Chengdu Food Workshop – 霁 霁 大 好 食 食 光.

Looking for urban renewal and rural revitalization of the city’s compartment mode in Chengdu, the local local team will continue to focus on how to activate the forgotten community, the factory area, gradually hollowed villages, so Localand City, not only a culture Art public space, and local local exchange platform in Chengdu participated in urban renewal and rural revitalization. In the city, the local memory, community culture, lifestyle is organized and recorded, and a new cultural space established with "local memory +" as the main line, just the beginning of local work.

More importantly, local will study, import resources, participate in construction, and conduct specific practices in their own way, with participants in their own way, promote urban and rural integration development, look for urban renewal and rural revitalization.