Tibet Cultural Characteristic Database Establishment: Building China Tibetan Students Document Resources Sharing Platform

Tibet Cultural Characteristic Database Establishment: Building China Tibetan Students Document Resources Sharing Platform

  Tibet National University Library, the study librarian Kong Duo Duxiu introduced that Tibet National University has built Tibet Cultural Characteristic Database for eight years, the database to build a literature resource sharing platform for Chinese Tibetan researchers. As of now, the database has been completed It contains more than ten sub-libraries including famous expert banks in China Tibet.

  "The establishment of the Tibetan Cultural Characteristic Database is imperative." Kong Fanxiu introduced that the database is a digital resource sharing service platform that integrates the collection, finishing, storage and management of Tibetan cultural information resources.

Database includes Tibetan books, journal papers, degree papers, audio and video libraries, civil libraries, special information, foreign literature, woodcut prints, Tibetan resource libraries, Gesar resource library, well-known expert bank, Tibetan special issue, etc. Multiple sub-libraries involve Tibetan language, history, geography, religion, philosophy, ethics, literary art, science and technology, astronomy, Tibetan medicine, folk habits, cultural heritage, etc., forming traditional paper and Electronic literature, audio and video resource-fused resource systems provide users with a more comprehensive information literature. Kongfa said that Tibet Cultural Characteristic Database is an important window to show the Tibetan cultural characteristic digital resources in a picture and the form of Tibet, which is conducive to the user understanding and studying historical and cultural in Tibet. The database construction has been supported by the Tibet Cultural Inheritance Development, a total of three constructions, and the first phase mainly completes the task of formulation and data transplantation of database platform architecture, classification standard standards. The second phase mainly completes Tibetan Titu Source Library, Gessal’s special resource library, Tibetan professional journal (Tibetan professional journal), three phases are building Tibetan Woodcut Edition paintings, Tibetan expert knowledge base Next, it will also focus on the development of mobile phone mobile clients. In the future, Tibetan research experts can use mobile phone to check the relevant information.

  The construction of Tibetan Cultural Characteristic Database has been attached importance to the intellectual support of Tibetan University of Nationalities. Improve the reusability, structuredness, and standardization of data objects, implement data exchange and sharing of cross-platform, cross-system Tibetan cultural information resources. The database is digitally processed and managed by different format Tibetan literature information resources such as paper literature, pictures, and audio and video. It has built a more complete Tibetan Resources Integrated Data Center to provide important resource security for domestic and foreign Tibetan researchers. As a person in charge of the Tibet Cultural Characteristic Database Project, Kongfa said that the establishment of the database is not only easy to understand and study Tibet’s history and culture, but also has important academic value for rescue, protection and inheritance of outstanding traditional culture, and is beneficial to promote The exchanges of all ethnic groups exchanged and exchanged the awareness of the Chinese nation.

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