Sichuan Digital Economic Innovation Drive Cloud Conference held a number of measures to promote digital economic development in Sichuan Telecom

Sichuan Digital Economic Innovation Drive Cloud Conference held a number of measures to promote digital economic development in Sichuan Telecom

  As an important part of Sichuan digital economic innovation, China Telecom Sichuan Company held Sichuan Digital Economic Innovation Drive On May 17th and the 8th 5G 3GG and IPTV Ultra High-definition Festival, which released a Help Sichuan Digital Economic Innovation Driving Development Action Plan, as well as T-Xi Shi, 8kiPTV Business, Wisdom Event Operation Platform, Banyan Plan, Magic New Products, etc., will strongly support the development of digital economy in Sichuan Province. Release the innovative driver development action plan, promote the digital economy to reope with the new steps since 2014, China Telecom Sichuan Company has held an 8th series of activities in the "5 · 17 World Telecom and Information Society Day", continuously promoting the digital economy and Substant economy depth fusion. Sichuan Province attaches great importance to digital economic development, and the digital economy is included in the 5 + 1 modern industrial system, and vigorously promote the high quality development of the province.

China Telecom Sichuan Company actively promoted the digital industrialization, industry digitalization and digital management, China Telecom Mirror, and the Yangtze River Middle Data Center, China Yun Ya’an 5G Data Industrial Park and other projects have been put into production.

  At this meeting, China Telecom Sichuan Company released the "China Telecom Sichuan Company to help Sichuan Digital Economic Innovation Driving Development Action Plan". This will further promote the construction of double-city economic circles in Chengdu, promote the integration of digital economy and physical economic depth.

Zhou Qing, deputy secretary of the party committee of China Telecom Sichuan Company, Zhou Li, said that China Telecom Sichuan Company has a digital economic new infrastructure advantage: "In the NB-IoT commercial network, IPTV video network, full optical network, 5GSA commercial network, double gigabit + Cloud VR business is strong in basic capabilities.

"Next, China Telecom Sichuan Company will" create a new era of transformation, build a new high-rise and digital economy, and build digital Sichuan New Pattern "as the development vision, continuously improve the digital infrastructure ability, strengthen, stimulate and aggregate digital economic innovation capability, Consumption vitality and transformation, in the next five years, R & D is 2.5 billion yuan, build 50 billion base stations, pull 5G industrial output value of 50 billion yuan, pull the output value of large data industries 100 billion yuan, help Sichuan Province 2025 Digital Economic Scale Breakthrough 3 Thousands of dollars. T t: Provide enterprise to provide full media matrix China Telecom Sichuan Company officially launched "T t 业 business", providing services for GBC (government, enterprises, consumers).

  Zhou Qing said, "T is the advantage of China Telecom Sichuan Company’s advantage. Sichuan Telecom has more than 1,500 iptv users. IV App will only have more than 5 million installations in the Android market. There is also an outdoor large screen in Chunxi Road. Relying on the big data, 5G, 8K capabilities, can make T 台 秀 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全 全

"China Telecom Sichuan Company has opened the corresponding I City area and officially launched in the province, ensuring that every user in the province has its own life circle, as of April this year, T 有 已 has More than 50,000 collaboins, including Jingdong, Hongqi, Huang Laosa, Chuanwazi and other brands, and expect more than 300,000 partners in the year.

  8KIPTV: AI algorithm enhances ultra HD video capability 2020 China Telecom Sichuan Company released a 8K intelligent terminal, after a year, 8kiPTV officially appeared at this meeting.

  8kiPTV business mainly includes five major features: new UI interfaces under home scenarios, 8K on-demand, AI super-specific feature, and outdoor large screens, VR party construction and AR applications under industry application scenarios. It is understood that 8KIPTV will be fully open on July 1st, and the online office store is simultaneously opened. Wisdom Event Operation Platform: Creating "World Event Mall" China Telecom Sichuan Company Deputy General Manager Huang Dage "Wisdom Event Operation Platform", the platform can provide international event capacity, professional-level venue operational capabilities, cross-domain label service capabilities For competition, venues, command, public, and media to provide professional support.

  In response to the organizer, "Smart Event Operation Platform" can provide a whole process consulting service including preparatory, construction, and operation; providing operational services such as venue infered, event alarm, safety management; for referees, athletes, etc. Provide referee assistance, competition planning; provide free perspectives, multi-screen viewing, VR panorama, etc.

  Banyan Plan: Providing the last kilometer of urban governance in the community in the community, and the intelligence construction of the community is also the key to "Digital Sichuan", with the advantages of infrastructure and team, deputy general manager of China Telecom Sichuan Company Huang Dijiu has built "Banyan Plan". By free to residents, the property is provided to build smart community construction, operation and service, the system promotes the construction of smart community, "Banyan Plan" connects the smart family, serving the majority of residents; on the one hand, support the smart city, serving government enterprises, and helps " Construction of Sichuan. "The Banyan Plan has been promoted from the highest specifications, and the Banyan Plan Platform provides a comprehensive wisdom solution and standardized construction delivery process, and provides 7 × 24 hours for communities, communities and residents. Operation service.

"Huang Daki said. (Li Tingyu).