Summer "three hometown", this group of college students have super "grounding"

Summer "three hometown", this group of college students have super "grounding"

Xinhua News Agency, Chongqing, August 5th: Summer "Sanxiang Township"

We develop mountain plants, pay special attention to soil and soil.

"In July, a agricultural technology lecture was held in Xianyi Town, Chengkou County, Chongqing.

Several college students and instructors of agronomics came to stage, explaining the knowledge of soil health and soil and water to the villagers.

It is located in Xianyi Town in the hinterland of the Qinba Mountain, and the earth is rare, and the mountain high slope is steep, and it is the key to the rural revitalization of Chongqing. This summer, the students’ practical team of Southwest University comes here, combining agronomic theory knowledge and local actual situation, carrying out agriculture farmers, and is welcomed by villagers. The picture shows the Practice Team of Southwest University in Xianyi Town. (Southwest University for map) Most slopes in Xianyi Town are more than 1,0 meters above sea level, and it is suitable for developing konjac industries and Chinese herbal medicines. In response to the local planting situation and characteristics, the practice team collects information in advance, producing a graphic and cultural science guide, and distributed freely on the agricultural technology lectures. However, some villagers have not been able to participate in the town because they live remote or busy farmkeys.

Practical team members have worked, it is better to go to the house to take the technology to the field.

Everyone acts immediately, one group, in a group, in the middle of the mountain. Every household, the team members have entered the house to understand the homes of the villagers and see the crop growth in the field.

Feng Dingzhi, five groups in Liupun Village, Xianyi Town, had more than 40 acres of konjac, one of which is poor, seeing the players to go to the door, he hurriedly helped.

"You see, these leaves are all pulled down, and the stems also started soft, this is the symptom of soft rot.

"Three students from land resource management professional Ren Zhonghao pulls up a saicoon, take a closer look, tell Feng Qiang Zhou, high temperature, moderate humidity may cause soft rot to cause soft rot." This disease will also be transmitted, so I encountered this The situation must be pulled out in time.

"The picture shows the practice team member to see the konjac planting situation and answer questions for farmers.

When is the Xinhua News Agency, when is Ke Gaoyang, when can I worry about it, apply which kind of fertilizer, and how to deal with pests and diseases … When the players have a resilience to remove the seedlings, they explain the implantation knowledge and answer questions. In the case of "Impractive Neighborhood", the students will apply for the "Open Support" to apply for the "Open Support". Busy in the field, time is fast. Near the evening, the players prepared to go down the mountain, continue to visit the planting households the next day, but they were stopped by the enthusiastic villagers: "Tonight is there? I don’t have a good job today. I have two college students. There are two The household is at home early, looking forward to you guiding! "The picture shows the southwestern University Student Practice Team opened a hosted class and enrich the children’s summer life.

(Southwest University for map) During the process of visiting the farmer, the practice team found that there were more local left-behind children, after the summer vacation, the children’s management was a big problem. The players took the initiative to ask for the school school, and the village committee office made a free summer trust class.

"Yuan Long Ping Grandpa story" "Agricultural Plant Bilingual Science Science" "Research Fun Small Experiment" … Everyone uses a professional expertise, with a colorful interest course, helps the mountains in the mountains that enricherly and meaningful summer vacation.

Running in the mountains, eating in the village, the work of the players and paying by the villagers’ recognition. "These college students are particularly grounded, and everyone is looking forward to them next summer!" Feng Dingjiang, secretary of the party branch of Li Pingcun.