Retired non-fading anti-

Retired non-fading anti-

In the community epidemic prevention and control, the red power of the retired military volunteer service team, "special to eat, especially able to fight, specially dedicated", stick to the first line of the epidemic prevention and control, whether it is built, transporting materials, orAssist in to check the "two-yard", maintain order, or in the murderous operation, the epidemic prevocation can see the figure of the charge in front and brave.

The retired soldiers use practical actions to practice the "unforgettable, remember the mission", demonstrating the spirit of "retiring, retreat, charge forever".

The retired soldier Sun Wanhong has just finished the operation, regardless of the doctor’s, the first time joined the volunteer service team.

Retired soldiers Shang Jiangmin said: "If you leave the army for several years, you are still a warrior in the prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control.