Red land built "material innovation valley" graphene, hydrogen energy and other high-efficient industries settlement

Red land built "material innovation valley" graphene, hydrogen energy and other high-efficient industries settlement

Original title: Red land builds "Materials Innovation Valley" Beijing Petrochemical New Materials Technology Industry Base has been open to society.

Our reporter Anxu Dong took the Western Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall, "There is no new China without the Communist Party", the birthplace of Ma’an Village, the Huangshan Shop Village … located in the southwestern mountain area of ??Jingjing, is a red land. Today, it is tightly supporting the leading advice of high-precision industry in the capital, and a key to "material innovation valleys" in graphene and hydrogen energy industry is being established. The Beijing Petrochemical New Materials Technology Industry Base is located in Yanshan area, has successfully created the Beijing Gallehydown Industry Innovation Center, the graphene industry seed hatching park.

The Beijing-Tianjin Jiqi Pightea Conference has been continuously held in the base. "The material of graphene is called the" king of new materials ", which is like seasonings, scientifically add other materials, can make a ‘good dish’." Beijing Petrochemical New Materials Science and Technology Industry Base Management Committee Director Du Jinquan said that the Gallehy Industry Innovation Center has now established graphene industry partnerships with Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, etc., and actively applys to become a national-level innovation center.

Fangshan District has included the new material technology industry in key development catalog. Technical research in Beijing Galthene Industry Innovation Center is carried out by the city’s colleges and universities in this city.

The graphene industry seed hatching garden from the 10-minute drive from the Innovation Center is the frontier position of the transformation of the result. It has an early setting of approximately 15,000 square meters, setting public services and research laboratory testing platforms, which can meet more than 30 enterprises research and production demand, currently 5 companies have taken the lead in resident.

Yanshan Petrochemicals adjacent to the park is 10 million tonnage refining enterprises, and their polymer synthetic materials can be fused with graphene, forming front and new materials, many applications in aviation, aerospace, electronics, biomedical, etc., is expected Solve the "card neck" problem; the materials laboratory and technical testing platform will be established in the incubator, and the expert team will guide the innovative personnel to open the technical node as soon as possible.

In addition, Fangshan will join the whole district, and jointly strive to Beijing Kechuang Fund, invest in the establishment of a total scale of 100 million graphene venture capital funds, promote Beijing graphene technology innovation achievements to translate, so that the graphene industry is Fangshan realized high quality development.

In addition to developing nanomales represented by graphene, "Material Innovation Valley" also develops new energy materials represented by hydrogen energy.

Enterprises in North China collector hydrogen, hydrogen storage, hydrogen, hydrogenation, and hydrogenation are located in the base, and hydrogen is 12 million cubic meters. There is a set of 800 cubic meters of natural gas hydrogen hydrogen production equipment and each hour of production of 500 cubic meters of hydrophilic hydrogen production equipment per hour. "Currently, depending on Yanshan Petrochemical, the cost of natural gas hydrogen production in the plant is lower than that of hydropower. 1 cubic meter natural gas, after adding a certain amount of water vapor, approximately 2 cubic meters of hydrogen can be produced.

If a method of hydroponic solution is used, 2 cubic meters of hydrogen need to be 12 degrees. "The relevant person in charge said that both devices have fully automated operation. The background system will monitor the operation in real time. The sensing probe in the workshop can also monitor whether there is gas leak hidden danger, and do safety production. A small hydrogenation station has been stably operated for nearly one year.

The hydrogenation process can not hear the sound and not smell the smell.

The staff said that this hydrogen station has been open to society, with an average of more than 10 cars per day to hydrogen.

According to the development plan of Housing Industry in Fangshan District, 2025 years ago, Fangshan should build 15 hydrogen stations to 20, and build a high-quality and high-quality hydrogen energy supply of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area.

Before 2030, domestic first-class hydrogen energy supply and fuel cell automotive high-end equipment and key material industrialization base and application demonstration zone were completed. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying).