Tianjin Taxation Department in-depth industry association visits research to help enterprises

Tianjin Taxation Department in-depth industry association visits research to help enterprises

"There is no good tax environment without tax preferential policies, there is no sustainable development of SMEs.

Since the epidemics, a series of tax cuts and tax reduction policies issued by the state have provided development power for our SMEs, so that we have more confidence in reducing production. "The President of the Fujian Chamber of Commerce said. In order to understand the key industries in the city, key enterprises in key industries, comprehensively master the difficulties and demands in the process of recovering replenishment, recently, Tianjin Taxation Bureau launched an industry association (Chamber of Commerce) Comparative production, resisted activities, listen to the advice, and actively help companies to relieve difficulties and chemically.

"Although we have changed the traditional sales model, we expand new business channels, but sudden epidemic still played us a problem, our sales income sharply, the development of our sales has brought great pressure. "The representative of the 17th National People’s Congress of Tianjin, the general manager of the Tianjin Wine Chamber of Commerce, and Sun Guangliang, the general manager of Yulongda Trading Co., Ltd. came to visit the tax cadres of the investigation.

"Good in the country has introduced a series of preferential policies. After the assistance of the tax department, we have initially measured the reduction of property tax and urban land use tax, enjoy the corporate income tax preferential policy, greatly alleviate the fund pressure of the company. Help us embarked on the ‘Expressway’ of the complex production.

"Sun Guangliang said happily. Enjoy the benefits of the Jinmin Gold Bank of Policy and the Tianjin Electric Science Research Institute Co., Ltd.

The company is a state-owned enterprise in the main business of electrical transmission and automation, low voltage distribution and small and medium-sized hydropower equipment industry technology. Liu Guolin, secretary of the company’s party committee and chairman, said: "During the exhibition of epidemic prevention and control, the production and operation of the enterprise has been influenced. The state has introduced a series of tax support policies. The tax department provides a series of warm heart services, which greatly enhances our ferry. The confidence and motivation of difficulties. "(Editor: Sun Yifan, Wang Hao).