Robot surgery, do you rest assured?

Robot surgery, do you rest assured?

The surgical robot is more accurate, minimally invasive, easier, is being diagnosed, surgical, rehabilitation and nursing, etc. Optimization scheme in the use of the arm. The Xinhua News Agency issued the operating room of Haidian Hospital in Beijing, the mechanical arm of the orthopedic surgery robot in the positioning puncture position.

Xinhua News Agency issued a medical robot showing at the 2021 World Robot Conference. With the maturity of modern medical technology, the Surgery has entered the robotic era after 2010.

In addition to developing the most mature, the surgery covers the chest and abdominal cavity, there is an orthopedic surgery robot, a pancapudinal robot, pastel puncture surgical robot, etc.

Surgical robots have been widely used in orthopedics, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, neurosurgery and other fields. Since April this year, Beijing and Shanghai have also included robotic operating costs into medical insurance.

With the support of policy, medical development and technological progress, future robotic auxiliary surgery will be more and more extensive.

What are the characteristics of robot surgery than traditional artificial surgery? Can robots do surgery? Can people feel relieved? 1. Can the robot replace the doctor? At 9 o’clock on November 21, Jilin University Bethune’s First Hospital of Bethune, the second subject physician, ended the fifth operation of the day, including four robotic auxiliary surgery: two A pre-prostate cancer root-oriented surgery, a reserved kidney unit surgery, half-sided urinary resection surgery in a pelvic carcinoma. "Robot surgery, not robot to complete surgery, but become a doctor’s surgery assistant.

During the entire operating process, the doctor can sit in the console operating robot, the robot simulates the doctor’s movement. The surgical bed and robots are completely separated, which can greatly alleviate the fatigue caused by the doctor’s continuous standing surgery.

Anwei said.

Since the introduction of medical robots in May 2020, Anwei leads the team to do near 300 robot surgery. Anwei told reporters that robot surgery is more advantageous in radical tumors, especially malignant tumors, and the micro camera carried by the robot can enlarge the images in the patient, and can synthesize the 3D picture of HD, and there are 7 freedoms. Degree, 540 degrees rotation, higher precision, better viewing.

Surgical robots have been more than 30 years in foreign countries, and it has also been more than 20 years in China. "Medical robots are expected to become the most typical, widely used high-end, intelligent medical equipment in the future. Combined with more advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, medical diagnosis, medical robots can greatly expand the diagnosis and treatment capacity and improve the quality of surgery.

Du Zhili, deputy director of the Robot Institute, Harbin University of Technology. According to the deputy director of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, Deputy Chief Physician Su Yonggang, in the traditional orthopedic surgery, the planning of the surgical path relies on the X-ray perspective, the surgical operation is completely dependent on doctors Experience. After using the orthopedic surgery, the robot can enter the X-ray navigation image into the computer, and the doctor performs path planning by means of the operation human computer interaction software.

"The mechanical arm can perform a doctor’s surgical plan.

"Sun Dawei, director of the Trauma Orthopedics of Bethune, Jilin University, said that the robot can simplify complex surgery, but cannot replace the doctor’s planning surgery path. The choice of the surgery path is based on the understanding of the skeletal three-dimensional anatomical structure. Accurate judgment and a lot of images Clinical experience, the robot is just automatic navigation, find the best channel screw position selected by the surgical plan. In the interview, many experts said that the progress of science and technology continues to subvert the traditional medical, but medical is not a "virtual technology" field. In the process of fighting with the disease, the robot cannot replace the doctor’s human care and care for the patient. Do it ………… When the robot is mentioned, most patients are most concerned about the safety of robotic surgery. The reporter learned that the advantages of the current robot surgery are characteristics such as stability, precision and non-fatigue, and the whole process Surgery is done under the participation of doctors.

Ni Duanyu, deputy chief physician, Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University, told reporters that most people are still happy to accept it to the patient, even if there is doubt. The doctor’s understanding of the disease and understanding of the surgical robot is the patient to receive the bottom gas of the robot. In January 2019, the General Office of the National Health and Justice Committee issued the "Notice on the Institute of Clinical Application Management of Surgery Robots". Notice indicates that in order to standardize the clinical application of surgical robots, improve medical quality, protect medical safety, and decided to establish a Judicial Committee of the State Administration of Surgery. Sun Dahui is a member of the Expert Committee. He told reporters that the requirements of the orthopedic surgery robot, the National Health Jiterary Committee’s request is to do "zero risk", no serious complications in surgery.

"Zero Risk" is a hard demand, which is implemented, and the doctor who implemented robot surgery has excellent strength. Han Qin, the attending physician, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Third Hospital of Peking University, told reporters that even if there is a detailed preoperative statement, there will be some patients to ask questions, worry that the robot has problems in surgery. In this regard, Han Qin will patiently communicate and communicate with the patient.

"The robotic system has built-in emergency processing mode, and our doctor will make a plan to make a plan to respond to the sudden situation at any time.

"Doctors who perform robotic surgery have rich traditional surgery clinical experience, able to deal with various emergencies. In addition, doctors and assistants who conduct robotic surgery need to pass a series of strict standards." Robot surgery is The program execution process under software control has a set of software systems and hardware operating systems. Clinically, if there is a new demand, or for more convenient operation, the doctor will communicate directly, whether it is software update or functional improvement, there has been a communication mechanism, making it more more for clinical operation.

Ni Duanyu said. In addition to safety, costs are also very concerned about patients.

In an interview, the hospital in most people in China, such as the booting fee of orthopedic surgery robots is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, and most of the region cannot enter medical insurance reimbursement.

But carefully calculate it, the robot surgery has its own advantage.

"As an example of pelvic fracture, under traditional surgery, patients with imported steel plates will take 80,000 to 100,000 yuan, using domestic steel plate costs at 60,000 to 80,000 yuan, but if the orthopedic surgery system navigation, all fees It is 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. The overall cost of the patient is less, and the minimally invasive surgery is better, and the traditional open surgery is long, the trauma is large, and the infection can be avoided. "Sun Dahui said. 3. What is the popularization of robot surgery, China’s surgical robot market is increased from RMB 280 billion in 2015 to 2.5 billion yuan in 2026.

From the perspective of current cavoscope surgery robots and joint surgical robots, the two widely permeable rates of the United States are 13% and%, and their domestic is less than 1%. Equipment prices are the primary cause of low penetration rate.

Take the most widely used Da Vinci surgery robot, usually between 20 million to 30 million yuan, and the annual maintenance cost is about 1.5 million yuan. This also determined that the three hospitals with more economically developed areas have strength to purchase surgical robots. The reporter learned that in addition to the first-tier city, there are only two or three surgical robots in most provincial capitals. The high price of medical robots is inseparable from its research and development. "In the research and development of medical robots, the primary thing is to transform the doctor’s clinical demand into engineering language, further condensed scientific issues, refining key technologies, and then explores the solution." Du Zhijiang said that the process of finding the problem is very difficult, A cross-integration of multidiscies such as medicine, robotics, material, imaging, and computer technology. In addition, medical robots need to strictly abide by medical device development, audit rules and processes, experience the entire process of production from the prototype – product – clinical registration – production, and more uncertainty. Overall, my country’s surgical robots started late, and related technologies have gaps compared to foreign countries, and key core components are seriously dependent on imports. In recent years, the state’s policy support for the surgical robot industry has gradually increased. In 2015, the State Council issued "China Manufacturing 2025", which proposes high performance diagnosis and treatment equipment including medical robots.

In February 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Medical Equipment Industry Development Plan", proposes to focus on intelligent surgical robots, and promote the specification of surgery in major illness treatment. In order to accelerate the domestic alternative speed of the medical robot, my country’s universities, hospitals, and high-tech companies have been joint exploration for many years, and the results have emerged.

Thanks to the research team of Harbin Institute of Technology, Tianjin University and other research teams, the listing and clinical applications of domestic cavoscope surgery robots are expected to be implemented in the short term.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the original Dean of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, Tian Tian, ??Tian Tian, ??leads the team, after more than 200,000 failed, the medical enterprise is jointly research, finally developed the third-generation orthopedic navigation robot in 2015.

The list goes on. With the advancement of artificial intelligence technology, the development of medical integration technology and the accumulation of clinical experience, the future, the surgical robots will benefit more people with more preferential prices.

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Rubshan County Cangou Township: Four measures to build a "protective wall"

Rubshan County Cangou Township: Four measures to build a "protective wall"

"The first step, we have to put the fire extinguisher to loose dry powder; second step, unplug the seal, pull out the insurance, the left hand support nozzle, the nozzle is aligned with the flame root, the right hand pressure is pressed against the pressure, used.

"On the morning of November 14, Li Yaodong, the armed minister of Huangtou Township, Lushan County, explained safety knowledge in a supermarket in the township. It is understood that in order to do a good job in safety production, the Hou Tou Township is compacted, and everyone is stretched Tight safety nerves, strictly carry out the supervision and inspection, pay close attention to the rectification of hidden dangers, escort the lives and property of the people.

Strong responsibility.

Strictly implement the safety production of "party and government communiques, one post and double responsibility, grasp the co-management" work mechanism, and effectively strengthen leadership, pay attention to the responsibility. Clarify the first responsibility of the party committee secretary, in charge of the responsibility of the leadership, focus on various industries, all business units, and the main body "three-management three must" responsibility, department linkage, strengthen supervision, establish "two accounts", sign one by one Safety production responsibility book. Grab.

Convening a special meeting to discuss safe production work, timely arrange deployment, and continue to track the results. The construction of the security production WeChat group, promotion safety knowledge, publicity knowledge, conveying work requirements, respond, and urges operating subjects to feedback and rectification, and urge the operational subjects to feedback and rectification Effect. Strict law enforcement. The joint safety supervision office, police station, power supply, fire office, food safety office, land resources, etc., 40 people, etc. , Enterprises, nine small venues, etc., on-site teaching, on-site guidance, strict law enforcement, order to rectify.

Heavy effectiveness. Before conducting inspections, training for the content and business knowledge of the inspection key areas, doing targeted, and improve the effectiveness.

For the problem hidden dangers of the inspection, the industry sectors have established professional issues, the Safety Supervision Office established the total billing account, the standards of rectification, and changed one by one.

"Grasping safety production is a normalized and very important job, and the safety of the people’s lives and property is related to the health and social and healthy development of the whole country.

We must consolidate the foundation with a higher responsibility, more strict standards, and more initiatives, and build a safe production of ‘protective wall’. "Chen Qiang, Party Secretary of the Cangta Township Township Township, Luoshan County, said. (Lushan County Committee Propaganda Department Road Du Long) (Editor: Since Salm, Xu Chi) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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Some app automatic renewal "pit people set" quietly deduct the money

Some app automatic renewal "pit people set" quietly deduct the money

The preferential price name is not true.

The reporter saw on a TV APP named, its continuous monthly activity price is a discount price of 6 yuan. After scanning code payment is 6 yuan, the relevant provisions on the page on the page have shown a renewal fee for 29 yuan. Service 1 day before the expiration will be delivered through WeChat payment.

Some users even have experienced the experience of anti-automatic renewal routines: Subscribe to the app member must not be impulsive, you must find an idle, pay attention to the time, so that you can see all kinds of pits on the page.

Unsubscribe is not easy, refund is difficult to enter the pit, but the pit is not easy.

Consumers cancel the automatic renewal process in some app, so that consumers are unsubscribed into the maze, halo steering, and even refunds.

The reporter downloaded 20 APPs with automatic renewal fees. Only 6 can be unsubscribed within the APP. There are 14 levels of 4 or 5 interfaces that need to be found in a third-party payment platform. Click the Related button to complete the unsubscribe.

In addition, partial apps do not provide the unsubscribe method in the email despite the prompt prompt in advance. In order to unsubscribe for an automated renewal service, I have been a 20-minute phone service for the customer service, and I have experienced six or seventh steps such as transfer, login, and verification. Mr. Zhang, Shanghai, said. Some app bind the automatic renewal service, it will deduct the next billing cycle a few days before the next service billing period, and the consumer cannot refund. What is even more, some app has been removed, but the deduction is not stopped.

Ms. Song, who lives in Henan, has downloaded a camera software called Swagie through the short video platform promotion link. After downloading the software, it is displayed for 48 yuan to pay, but it is actually unable to use it after paying it, and I will uninstall it. But after 7 months, I found that the software passed the third-party payment platform over 48 yuan, and it was deducted about 1400 yuan.

Now the application stores this software, more contacts can’t contact customer service.

Ms. Song revealed.

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Shanxi Province comprehensively implements housing provident fund stage sexual support policy

Shanxi Province comprehensively implements housing provident fund stage sexual support policy

  Original title: The province’s comprehensive implementation of the housing provident fund stage support policy 2020, the total payment of billion yuan, increased by the end of the last year, with a total of 100 million yuan, increased from the end of the previous year, May 19, the provincial finance department is announced "Shanxi Provincial Housing Provident Fund 2020 Report". The report pointed out that at the end of 2020, the total payment of billions of dollars, added% from the end of the previous year; the deposit of the balance billion yuan, the same growth increased. The total amount of 100 million yuan is extracted, which is increasing than the last year.

  Among them, in the newly opened employee, the state organs and institutions account for%, state-owned enterprises account for%, urban collective enterprises account for%, foreign-invested enterprises account for%, urban private enterprises and other urban enterprises account for%, private non-enterprise units and social groups %, Flexible employment personnel account for%, other accounts for%; medium, low income accounts for%, high income accounts for%. In the extraction amount, purchase, build, rebuild, and save the housing occupation of the home, reimburse the home interest rate, the rental housing accounts for%; the retirement and retirement extraction account for%, completely lost labor capacity and extracts the labor relationship with the unit. Other accounts for%.

Extract in employees, medium and low income account for%, high income accounting%. According to reports, in 2020, the province’s comprehensive implementation of housing provident fund stage sexual support policies, relieved business difficulties, supported by the epidemic to affected the company’s application to hold the housing provident fund, due to the influence of the epidemic, no overdue treatment, no penalty.

Since the implementation of the policy, there have been 1682 review-compiling enterprises in the province. Due to the influence of the epidemic, there is no normal repayment and no more than 8,271 dealing with loans, and it should have not yet been returned to the original amount. It has played a positive support for the completion of our province’s completion. At the same time, we must conscientiously implement the housing provident fund to pay, extract, loans and fund management business standards, and further optimize business processes, streamline approval requirements, compress time limit, make full use of data interconnected platform advantages, continuously optimize window settings, use "Internet + "Continuous improvement of service performance, establish and improve housing provident fund comprehensive service platform, through the online office hall, network applet, mobile app, etc. through business belongs, network small procedures, mobile app, etc. Housing provident fund business.

(Reporter Ren Zhixia).

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Ten departments: Future production in the next five years

Ten departments: Future production in the next five years

How to speed up green low carbon during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period? Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ten sectors issued "14th" National Clean Production Promotion Program ", fully deploying overall requirements, main tasks and organization guarantees, indicating the purge path for the" 14th Five-Year Plan "period. The agricultural membrane recovery ratio is more than 85%, and the cleaning production helps to promote the increase in decontamination and decreased carbon coordination, and achieve carbon peak carbon.

According to the relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission, "Program" proposes a series of overall goals: the system of cleaning production is basically established, and the industrial sector is fully implemented, agriculture, service industry, construction industry The cleaning production in the fields of transportation industry is further deepened, and the overall level of clean production has increased significantly, and the efficiency of energy resources is significantly improved.

At the same time, specific goals, such as chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic substances (VOCS) emissions have decreased by 8%, 8%, 10%, 10%, more than 2020, new efficient The water-saving irrigation area is 60 million mu, and the national agricultural membrane recovery rate is more than 85%, and the comprehensive utilization rate of straw is stable in more than 86%.

"Program" proposes the overall requirements of the promotion of cleaning production. It is an important basis and action guidelines in the ’14th Fiveth’ my country to implement clean production, deployment work, and formulate relevant policies. "China Macroeconomics Institute Energy Research Institute Chinese said. Promote "a line of one-minded" green transformation and upgrade Xiong Huang said, "Program" proposes to highlight the industrial cleaning production, accelerate the promotion of agricultural cleaning production, and actively promote the construction industry, service industry, transportation industry and other fields clean production, fully reflecting Principles with comprehensive advancement and key breakthroughs. In the industrial field, the focus is to capture the source, caught alternative, and grasp.

"Program" is clear, focus on strengthening the evaluation of clean production and high emission construction projects, implementing green design of industrial products, and improving the proportion of non-fossil energy utilization, reducing the use of toxic and harmful substances. In terms of transformation, in a comprehensive development of cleaning production review and evaluation certification, it will promote the "one line of" one-line "green transformation and upgrading, and implement systematic cleaning production. In the field of agriculture, the focus is to catch the investment in the reduction, caught the process of cleaning, and grasp the waste resource.

According to the "plan", in the reduction in investment, the agricultural input will be strengthened and managed, scientifically, and efficiently use agricultural input; in process cleaning, focus, fertilizer, medicine and other elements, promote agricultural festival, Efficient fertilization, veterinary drug reduction

Strengthening scientific and technological innovation leads "innovation is the first motivation to lead high-quality development, fully implement cleaning production, continuously improve the clean production level, inseparable from scientific and technological innovation, model innovation and industrial development." Xiong Huang said.

According to the relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission, the "program" clearly strengthens the clean production science and technology innovation and industrial culture, and do a good job in strengthening scientific and technological innovation, promoting the industrialization of clean production technology, vigorously developing key tasks such as clean production services; deepening the cleaning production implementation mode Innovation, innovative cleaning production audit management model, explore the cleaning production area collaborative advancement, etc.

In addition, "Program" also puts a solid foundation for organizational protection, improvement of laws, regulations, strengthen policy incentives, strengthening basic capacity construction, and lays a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of key tasks, key projects, major initiatives.

"I believe in the guidance and promotion of" program ", in 2025, my country will certainly form a new pattern of high quality development in the production industry, which has strong promotes carbon peaks, carbon neutralization goals, and comprehensively helps beautiful China construction.

"Xiong Huang said. (Reporter Kongde)" People’s Daily Overseas Edition "(06th Edition, November 18, 2021) Editor: Zhang Jingwen.

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The Japanese government will perform an empirical test for relaxing activity or no longer limit

The Japanese government will perform an empirical test for relaxing activity or no longer limit

People’s Network Tokyo October 8 (Wu Ying) On October 1, Japan lifted an emergency in many regions across the country.

In order to gradually relax the restrictions set by the new crown epidemic prevention and control countermeasures, the Japanese government launched the relevant empirical trial on the 6th.

Empirical trials will be verified for vaccination prove, detect negative certificates, etc. According to reports, the empirical trial is the beginning of the Japanese Professional Football League (J league) held on October 6, will continue until November. The Japanese government will officially determine the related measures to relax restrictions after analyzing the data collected in the empirical trial.

In November, after the end of the voluntary vaccination, the Japanese government intends to formally ask the public to have a vaccination certificate or test negative proof of vaccination.

In the future, even the epidemic rebound or re-implement "emergency state", it will also allow catering stores to supply wine, people cross-regional activities, etc., and no longer restrict the number of people in the event. The empirical trial will be carried out in large activities, theater performances, catering stores, tourism, and experimentally introduce new technologies to prevent viral spreads, and collect problems needed to improve.

During the empirical trial implementation, the number of admissions and business hours will be relaxed during the implementation period. Japanese Professional Football League became the first major event to carry out empirical trials October 6th, the Japanese Professional Football League (J League) semi-final held in Toyota Stadium in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, and the first empirical trial was carried out at the event site. According to reports, a dedicated window was established on site, confirming whether the viewers were inoculated with two doses vaccines, and whether they held a negative certificate before they would only sell tickets. There are 1800 special sites at the site for the purchase of this type of ticket.

Participate in the empirical trial, and the audience who bought this type of ticket said that people around the special seat are inoculated with two doses of vaccine or test results, it feels very relieved when watching the game.

The Japanese government plans to analyze the collected data by this empirical trial, clearly need to solve problems, and study more specific and effective implementations after listening to expert opinions.

According to reports, the Toyota Stadium is equipped with AI (artificial intelligence) camera and laser radar, which can count the mask usage rate of on-site audiences, and fierce shouts and the palm of the viewing method, the distance between the audience.

The Japanese government will combine the previous statistical data to analyze whether the proven audience has relaxed epidemic prevention measures.

Although the event site cannot detect whether there is an infected person, it will follow the health status of the survey audience. In addition, the Japanese government will conduct empirical trials for 38 tour groups organized by Travel Agency on October 8.

Empirical experiments of catering stores and other places will start in mid-October, including 13 Dao Fu County, such as Kanagawa, Osaka.

The Japanese government will determine the application procedures for relevant certificates based on the results of the empirical trial, and specific requirements for relaxing activity restrictions.

(Editor: Xu Wenjin, Sun Hao).

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US new small nuclear reactor

US new small nuclear reactor

The Elsen Air Force Base is in line with the construction and test of small nuclear reactors. The US Air Force has recently claimed that the Elsen Air Force Base in Alaska has selected as a small nuclear reactor construction deployment. In recent years, in order to meet the energy demand on the battlefield, it has reduced the dependence on fossil fuel to improve the efficiency of action, the US military and the energy department are put into attention on small nuclear reactor construction projects.

According to American media reports, the Elsen Air Force base is located in the hinterland of Alaska, close to Fairburn City and the Arctic Circle. Here is one of the military bases in the Arctic in the Arctic, deploying a F-35A fighter, F-16 fighter and KC-135 fighter and other models.

According to the US Department of Defense, the Department of Energy believes that the conditions of the base meet the construction and test requirements of small nuclear reactors.

First of all, the Alsen Air Force base has an independent grid with thermal power plants, which means that the test does not affect regional grids.

Secondly, the base is a large electricity, 800 tons of coal in winter, and the US Air Force has a special railway locomotive fleet to transport coal-fired and other materials to the base. The results of the future small nuclear reactor test can be implemented. In addition, in Alaska’s considerations in security and management, it hopes that the first nuclear reactor project in the state is in military base, especially an Alsen Air Force base. The US has not disclosed the specific technical details of the above small nuclear reactors.

However, the document announced by the US military showed that small nuclear reactors in the Alsen Air Force base were likely to come from the US Department of Defense’s "Baile Plan" proposed in 2019.

The small nuclear reactor in the project can produce 1 to 5 MW power.

In contrast, the total power generation capacity of civilian nuclear power plants can reach 100 MV or even gigably. According to the "Baile Plan", this small nuclear reactor is not only small than the 40 MW S9G nuclear reactor adopted by the Virginia nuclear submarine, but also flexibly deployed on the battlefield. It uses the pebble-shaped three-structured part-identity particulate fuel. The core of such fuel consists of a mixture of low concentrated uranium and oxygen, and the outer layer is alternate with 3 layers of graphite and silicon carbide ceramic layers, safe and easy to treat, and the volume of each fuel is also small.

Analysts pointed out that the US has been declaring construction and test small nuclear reactors to address climate change, but its true purpose is to get almost unlimited energy supply on the future battlefield.

Once the small nuclear reactor reducing the battlefield deployment, the troop can reduce the dependence of a large number of fossil fuels and compress the scale of the logistic transportation force, so that the unit makes more cultivation, and the supply line that needs to transport a lot of materials is no longer so fragile, and thereby enhances the independent combat capability of the troops. . At the same time, the small nuclear reactor has the characteristics of long-term, uninterrupted sustainable output energy, and improves the operation of the forces.

In addition, combined with future weapons and equipment electricity, laser weapons, etc., the large trend of continuous development, the application of small nuclear reactors can solve the huge demand for energy on energy, and sweep away from the major disorders that restrict their development.

As the US military advances small nuclear reactor construction and test projects, a series of changes will be brought to its future preparation system, weapon equipment development and combat form.

However, experts in the US nuclear non-proliferation, the US military develops small nuclear reactors and achieves battlefield deployment, and there is a possibility of causing catastrophic nuclear accidents.

There are American scholars that a series of potential risks existing in nuclear reactors before people find safe, cheap nuclear energy alternative energy, can not be eliminated. At the same time, when he is attacked by an enemy, the small nuclear reactor may be abandoned by the US military on the battlefield, causing hundreds of kilograms of high radioactive substances to be detached from effective control.

In addition, small nuclear reactors are very fragile in terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and even trucks in the transport reactor may cause serious nuclear leaks. Therefore, its future development is also constrained by a series of real factors, and how the prospect is to be observed. (Guo Huiping) (Editor: Chen Yu, Ren Lin) Sharing let more people see.

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Sichuan Tianfu New District, Liangshan Musi Taxation Department joins hands with rural resolution

Sichuan Tianfu New District, Liangshan Musi Taxation Department joins hands with rural resolution

The two parties jointly carry out a joint symposium. Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau is in 2002, Sichuan Province launched support for the provincial tax system to accelerate the Development Action Plan, and the tax departments at all levels of Sichuan provide comprehensive and powerful assistance in the Tax Development of Sichuan.

In recent years, according to the in-depth promotion of the construction of the "Sanzhou" national region, the Sichuan Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau has formed a pair of Liangsi Tibetan Autonomous County Taxation Bureau, from "new", and consolidate the outcome of the poverty, Help the revitalization of rural villages.

The word "love" is the first tax forces to lift the rural resolution 700 kilometers from Chengdu Plain, crossing the Dadu River, crossing the small mountain, and then goes north, reaching the Tibetan Autonomous County.

Musi is located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Yungui Plateau, with an average of 3100 meters above sea level, and the mountain rings is over, the snow peaks are tower.

In recent years, the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau has selection two batch of young cadres to Muli County to resident, the first time I embarrassed the young tax cadres of this land, all the beauty of the beauty. Eat Tibetan meals and do hibernation. Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau’s help cadres, put on the woods in the heart, picking up on the shoulder.

As the country’s largest area in the country, Mulai County has always been the most important key area of ??the forest grassland anti-fire. The Muri Tax is the largest number of the county, the most remote, the most poorly contracted area. Helping the cadres show a hard style, take out toughness, sign a subsidiary commitment, in-depth villages to carry out the work of forest fire, rural revitalization and other work. From the mountain pasture from 4100 meters from the altitude to the original jungle that has not yet reclamated, they visited the "Lin Yuan" "Lin Zhongren", stationed in the mountain card point and watchtock, and the list of people who lived in the list to visit the publicity and inspect the safety hazard. , Help arrange fire free isolation belts.

At the same time, they don’t forget the ancient training that is not as good as fishing with fishing, and carry out the taxation knowledge into rural activities in the woods, and effectively play the tax help to defend the poverty and rural rejuvenation. Combined with the local actual, help the cadres recommended and promoted the establishment of the Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty bilingual propaganda small packets in the Taxi County Taxation Bureau, and launched the party history education and tax law promotion activities, and transformed the party’s Huimin policy into popularity. Easy to understand "real words", let taxes provide tax policy support for the development of Mi Ri, helping local villagers’ income and become rich, and the implementation of tax concessions "one is not falling." The Tianfu New District and the army of the wood is a "two-way rush" road. Tianfu New District Tax invites Mili County tax agency to Tianfu New District, and the two parties jointly carry out party building activities, and convene a work symposium for further work on the construction work. "Tianfu New District Tax will join hands to implement the landing of the gang to help, promote the reform of tax collection and management, jointly carry out tax analysis, strengthen talent team joint construction, etc., in order to help speed up the wooden The development of tax careers, helping rural vibrations to provide support.

"Party Committee of Chengdu Taxation Bureau, Secretary of the Bureau of Taxation Bureau, Director Wanmei in the symposium The whole force to create a model of co-construction benchmarks, helping the mountains and rural villages more excused and more strong. "Zhi" word is the recruitment of restriction, and the video conference room in Mulai County Taxation Bureau is being convened. On the "big data application" video exchange symposium In the middle, Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau deeply excavated tax data application value, starting from the typical example of invoice data, detailing the flow of traffic business, and performing data ratio to the application, in-depth lighting, introducing the Tri Prefecture Taxation Bureau Tax Data Application practical experience. It is understood that in-depth information support is one of the important initiatives of the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau in recent years to support the Mili County Taxation Bureau. Since this year, Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau has conducted joint training, special lectures, Regular seminars, etc., continue to help the Miuri County Taxation Bureau in-depth application of tax-related data, combined with the actual situation of the wood, and use the data analysis and push to enjoy more than 200 units, and upgrade the Queen Taxation Bureau to improve the qualifications. Implementing the "four essence" requires injection of smart kinetics, and more and more accurately enjoy preferential policies in time and accurately.

"Tianfu New Area Tax will share information technology and knowledge to the Muli tax. In our hearts, the concept of data, tax tolls, and laid the foundation for our promotion of tax collection and management and intelligent transformation." The County Taxation Bureau Youth Tax Card Cards said. It is understood that in addition to online video online communication, in terms of cadre training, Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau has received two batch of Mili County Taxation Bureau cadres and class learning, in the tax collection, information department equipped with job teaching teachers, arrange the work of class learning schedule and content , Promote the formation of two land cadre talent exchange mechanisms. At the same time, we also jointly carry out venture training, jointly organize training courses for middle-level cadres management capabilities, share micro-class video in the fields of taxable services, levy management, and data tax, and promote the exchange of mutual exchanges between the two parts of cadres and the additional short.

The word "effect" is "beautiful, far-reaching", in order to solve the far "friends", in order to solve the "friend" of the "friends" It also established a link between two close cooperative relationships by sending a research team, remote connection, etc. Through a fear of friendship, the problems encountered in the revitalization process of Mi Ri Rustus have been brought back to Chengdu: the infrastructure is relatively backward, the cadres’ office conditions are hard; the outstanding talents can’t lead, can’t stay, cultivate difficult, etc. The development of the tax in the woods; the national area is generally inadequate, the tax business is single, the management is relatively placed, and there is also a gap between the requirements of taxation … These issues are presented on a research report, implementing the construction matters in one superior.

It is understood that the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau has developed the next step to help help the Taxi County tax department. According to the work plan, the bureau will pick up political responsibility, from talent construction, tax collection and management, basic construction, etc., to provide a comprehensive and powerful assistance to the development of the Taxation of the wood.

According to the person in charge of the relevant departments of the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau, in 2022, in the construction of education and training, the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau will incline more forces to the wood, carry out the leading cadres, professional titles and new recordings of the joint Wood-based tax. Civil servants training, organize expert team "to teach home". More Musi Tax Cadres can also learn from the Taoist New District Taxation Bureau to exercise the business skills in the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau to exchange advanced management. When the revitalization of the rural resolution, the Tianfu New District Taxation Bureau will help the mouth to help the "one hand" project, promote the arrangement of the superior to help "Three State", and consolidate the expansion of the poverty, and highlight the responsibility.

(Huang Queue) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

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The national unity and progress of national unity and progress, the exchange of experience exchanges will hold the privilege to attend and speak

The national unity and progress of national unity and progress, the exchange of experience exchanges will hold the privilege to attend and speak

This newspaper Chengdu September 14 (Reporter Jiangshan) Central Propaganda Department, the Central Great Department Department, the National Civil Affairs Commission held a national unity and progress in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on Sichuan Province.

Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Minister of the Central Committee attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The Vice Chairman of the National People’s Political Consultative Conference and director of the National Civil Affairs Committee were attended the meeting. Esuitic emphasis is emphasized that it is necessary to unite around the party center of Xi Jinping as the core, to the main line of cultivating the Chinese national community, and fully launch the national unity and progress, deepen the national unity and progressive education, and strengthen national general The popularity of language characters, building a spiritual home in all ethnic groups, promoting the integration of all ethnic groups, consolidating and developing a good situation of "Chinese nation’s family, conceiving Chinese dreams". The relevant departments of the central and state authorities are responsible for comrades, all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the propaganda, competent leaders of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

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Resumen Discurso de Xi Inspira Confianza En Progreso de Transporte Sostenible Global, Dicen Expertos

Resumen Discurso de Xi Inspira Confianza En Progreso de Transporte Sostenible Global, Dicen Expertos

BEIJING, 15oct (Xinhua) – AlcomentarsobreeldiscursoprincipaldelpresidentechinoXiJinpingenlaSegundaConferenciaMundialdelasNacionesUnidassobreelTransporteSostenible, expertosdevariospaísesdijeronqueeldiscursodeXiinspiróídeoeljueves, Xipidióesfuerzosdetodoslospaísesparafortalecertantolaconectividadduradelasinfraestructurascomolaconectividadblandadelasinstitucionesylasnormas, ydesarrollarlaconectividadencuatrodimensiones, esdecir, portierra, mar, ésdeliniciodelaconferenciaeljueves, variosexpertosdijeronquequedaronimpresionadosporlapromesadeChinadetrabajarjuntoconlacomunidadinternacionalparapromoverlacooperaciónentransportemundialylograrbeneficiosmutuosatravé, unexpertoenrelacionesinternacionalesradicadoenKenia, dijoqueeltransportesosteniblesirvecomopiedraangulardela "prosperidadhumanayelbienestardelplaneta" .EstaconferenciadelaONU "llegaenunimportantepuntodelahistoriaenelqueelmundobatallacondesafíosrelacionadosconelcambioclimáticoyeldesarrollosostenible", aadió "Sedebendirigirmásesfuerzosalacreacióndesiste. masdetransportemássosteniblesenlospaísesendesarrolloparaliberarsupotencialeconómico ", áunCentroMundialdeInnovaciónyConocimientoparaelTransporteSostenible, AbidQaiyumSuleri, directorejecutivodelInstitutodePolíticasdeDesarrolloSostenibledePakistán, dijoqueelestablecimiento" definitivamenteproporcionaráunfuerteapoyoaldesarrollodetransportesostenibleglobal "." TodosestosanunciosyproyectosparalograrelobjetivodecombatirelcambioclimáticosonrespaldadosporlafortalezadeChinaeninnovación, investigaciónyconocimiento ", aadió.MostafaIbrahim, vicepresidentedelConsejoEmpresarialChino-Egipcio, quedóimpresionadopor" losgrandesavances (deChina) enlaindustriaautomotriz, especialmenteenvehículosdenuevasenergías ", ónyConocimientoparaelTransporteSostenible, Ibrahimdijoque" consideroqueChinaproporcionarácontinuamentebuenasideasyexperienciasenelááamáspartes ", especialmentealospaí, directordelCentrodeEstudiosdeChinaenAbuya, DijoquelainiciativadechinaseAnaconlosagregadoseconómicosynacionaratesdenigeria. "Paraloschinos,laconstruccióndeunacomunidaddedestinodelahumanidadnoesretórica”,sealóOnunaiju,quienaadióque”Chinaestáproporcionandolahojaderuta”.Laconferenciadetresdíasdeduracióndestacalaimportanciadeltransportesostenibleenlaconsecucióísessereunieronenlíneaydeformapresencialparaelevento.。

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